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EU chan is got some new weapons?!(中文)

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Hiya everyone



Dear friends of Eudemon.org... Yeah, it's been a while, I hope you're doing well

I have updated our system and interface, below are list of links to each example content and a short description

Forum - Anyone who use to browse forum should be familiar with the main functionalities, plus now you can add tags, and receive "like" from other members which will increase your reputation. Our forum has varieties of categories to suit your needs, feel free to come post your stuff.

Personal Profile - Your profile page is fully integrated with everything you've done and all your stats on the site. You may customize your profile page background, connect with your friends, write profile feeds (can automatic update to your facebook and/or twitter once connected)

Blog - Want to be more personal? Start a personal blog! You may customize your blog layout, add blocks, editors, view permissions and much more. Keep in mind that contents you posted in other parts of the site (gallery, forum attachment etc) can easily be accessed and added to your entry.

Gallery - Allow you to create and upload to your own albums, or contribute to a public album (not yet added). You may also add tags or even note to a specific area of an image, and yes, feel free to link/use your uploaded images elsewhere.

Download - Our file host service, feel free to host your favorite and share it with your friend! Or contribute to our public categories. You can even sell your own digital/physical product using our download market system (not yet added) {as a platform, we can make sure a smooth transaction for both buyer and seller, for instance: refund for false product}

Calendar - Where holidays, birthdays, and events will be shown. You may also add personal (private) events to make it your personal calendar.

Store - Services sell by us, in order to help us keep running, all contributions to this area including donation will go to your client area. To celebrate the changes we have made and thank you for taking your time reading this update, here is a 50% off limited time coupon code "WelcomeBack" for any VIP subscription purchase.

Status - Where all our members' personal feeds will be shown, You may also track your friend's update from here.

Wiki (not yet added) - Public wiki database where every member can add or edit resources. Right now we're thinking about making lyric & Anime/Character databases. If you want to contribute to beta testing, feel free to shoot me a PM via my profile page.

Others - Start a group private conversation, change website background image / skin, notifications and more for you to discover.

This message is subject to change without notice, to view / reply the most updated announcement click me (feel free to link or reprint this message)

Screen Shots:



致使用中文的朋友, 我们(Eudemon.org)系统已经升级了哦, 以下为例子的链接和相关介绍


Forum论坛 - 经常使用论坛的朋友应该已经熟悉一般的功能了吧. 现在可以添加标签, 而且你的文章如果收到别的会员对你的进行的"加分"操作, 可以使你的人气上升(不同于只有版主以上才有这权限的其他论坛, 我们让我们的会员决定你的人气). 目前论坛有多种形色板块可以让你发表文章.

Profile个人页面 - 你的个人页面显示和关联了所有你在网站的资料/讯息. 你可以自定义个人页面背景, 关注你的好友,写微博等(关联facebook和/或twitter之后可选择自动更新到两者).

Blog博客 - 想要更个性化么? 写一个个人博客吧! 你可以自由选择外观, 添加区块, 管理员, 和浏览权限等. 注:你可以轻易加载所有你在本站其他部分发布的内容(相册, 论坛附件等).

Gallery相册 - 可以让你建设和上传你的个人相册. 或者你可以参与公共相册(暂未加). 你也可以给自己的图片添加标签甚至在图的任何区域添加标记, 最后, 是的, 你可以自由外链你的图.

Download下载 - 这是我们的网盘区, 欢迎上传和分享你的最爱! 或者你可以参与公共分类的建设. 你还可以使用下载的商业系统出售你的数据/实体商品(暂未加) {作为中介平台, 我们可以建设买家和卖家圆滑的交易, 打个比方: 虚假商品的退款}.

Calendar日历 - 显示节日, 生日和活动的地方. 你也可以添加私人活动把它变成你的个人日历.

Store商店 - 我们出售的服务可以在这里找到, 目的单纯是可以让网站继续运营下去. 所有你在这区域的贡献, 包括捐款将会显示在你的客户区. 为了庆祝我们最近的更新和感谢你花时间阅读这篇更新, 这个"WelcomeBack"是50% off的限时优惠码, 适用于任何VIP用户组订购.

Status消息 - 所有会员的个人消息将会在这里显示, 你也可以在这跟踪你好友的更新.

Wiki维基(暂未加) - 所有会员可以参与添加或者编辑的公开数据库. 目前我们的想法是添加歌词, 动漫/人物之类数据库. 如果你有兴趣参与内测, 欢迎丢我一个PM via我的个人页面.

其他 - 多人私聊, 更改网站背景图/外观, 通知和更多其他功能让你去发现.

本条消息的更新将不做另外通知, 浏览/回复最新的更新请点我 (欢迎转载或外链本消息)

Best Regard,


Administrator of Eudemon.org

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