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'67 Ford Mustang Coupe Project


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The color Red and Mustangs go together like butter on toast.. Er, whatever you like on your toast...


rofl :cheeky:



Mustang without stripes just isnt a mustang :/




Thats wrong. The new Shelbys have stripes, a classy mustang doesnt have stripes imo

E: Oh btw that was your 600st post :D




And I restored some parts today, going to upload some pics for you guys tomorrow.

And in like 2-3 months im going to work during the vacation and get some money, and then I'll make the next step, sandblast :)


E: Aww just checked that I lost the pics I did some weeks ago because my harddisk died :/ But got them from today, will do some more to show you guys :D

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To each his own ;). I think your 'Stang would look better without stripes anyways. That body style is like the Grand Tourer version of the Mustang. IMO the stripes should just be on fastbacks and tuned convertibles.



That's it :)


Here is what is restored yesterday (the clap, if that is the right word, isnt restored yet, couldnt get that out)












More pics to come during the day :cool:

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First of all I washe most of the pieces, then dry them and then take everything off (do photos in case i forgot how it has to look later :lol: )

Then I use a special brush to get all the rust/paint of the piece I want to restore. Then respray it :)

Pretty easy and makes lots of fun too make things look nicer :)

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Hey folks!


Hard times at the moment, she is sitting in the garage and I can't do much.. I hope I get enough money for xmas to finally be able to continue!

Oh and by the way, I'm still not a 100% sure about the color, I saw a video of a '67 Coupe, grey with black stripes, just like Eleanor, and it looked really nice.. Not easy to find the right color for her, but hey, I still got some time!


Here is the video which I was talking about:


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