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TDU AI fix?


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Hi all,


I'm new to this forum, and frankly, was mostly curious to see if anything can be done to fix the abhorrent AI of the game.


I love this game, even bought it twice (due to the multiple issues from starting from the CD, I got another digital copy), and also run the Megapack. I found mentions in this forum to the patch 1.68A and installed that one too.


I've been playing this game a really long time, but also had a long break now. I mainly took it up again, as a friend of mine accidently overrode my profile and I lost everything, so I kinda picked it up again.


However, what I notice now, and didn't before, is the horrible AI which makes the game unplayable. Cars jump from lane to lane, even from the oncoming lane into your own, the suddenly disappear, 50% of all the cars in front of you just suddenly stop dead in their tracks when you approach, making collisions almost alywas garanteed (and impossible to finish the car missions), there are invisible cars, on which you suddenly crash at 300km/h (you see their parts flying, bot not the car itself), etc...


I can imagine that there won't be another patch coming from Atari, now with TDU2 coming (can't wait for it), but does anyone know if there is a fix for the AI? As the game is now, it is unplayable. No mission I can get 100% no damage, if I can finish at all.


Thanks a lot



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I just tried that yesterday, didn't help.


The only thing left I can remember is that there is maybe something in my user profile. I don't really fancy resetting it or starting from scratch again, but I guess I have to try it out to be sure.


Or maybe it comes from the Megapack....

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Mine used to be fine but I started getting that while playing online and with the newer patches. Patch 1.66 didn't do that.


I have also noticed that it could be online servers. Whenever I am driving with someone, the problem gets noticeably worse. But alone (and offline) there isn't too much of a problem.

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To the OP,


I experience what you describe exactly. It turns out it is because the game runes on a frame basis rather than time basis. This means the AI calculations are based on how fast your CPU is rather than basing it on a fixed time interval.




I found this thread and it explains it perfectly. I had the exact problems you had which I didn't notice before when I was playing with my old CPU. Now, I have these problems you describe. Reason: a i5 2500k running on 5.0GHZ.


Solution: Slow your CPU down by throttling it or somehow cap your FPS using VSYNC or other software.


EDIT: I tried various FPS caps. It seems like anything over 90 FPS causes AI issues such as; spawning on incoming traffic, zapping to other lanes instantly, stopping when you are near for no reason, going out of the road in a wierd way etc. Just use a software to cap your FPS to at most 90 and you should be fine. You can do this via MSI Afterburner, Nvidia Inspector or various other ATI and Nvidia tools.

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