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Tutorial: How to make RHD camera work.

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This is a lousy tutorial. It's to help people use RHD camera car mods


First Download this camera file and put on "TDU Modding Tools v1.14\xml\default"

download from here


Click on "Download Camera"

Back up old file.


The only cameras i saw that made work RHD cars are:

Alfa GT

Mercedes-Benz CLK 55 AMG

Saleen S7


1º-When you install a car RHD in TDU Modding Tools you chage the cockpit camera in the advanced section.


2º Then select one of the car cameras that i mention.


3º Save and see if the camera is working in game.


I have 4 mods that are RHD and the camera works on all 4 cars.



i hope this helps

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For now, I can assume he's source of the solution and I'll add him to credits.

I've made next Modding Tools tested to a few people, and it seems to work as expected with RHD cams.


OT: great job with your forum Dredgy!

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That thing isn't true RHD, he just moved the whole car to the left so it still uses a normal camera. It causes a ginormous bug in traffic, the hitboxes are not moved with the car model, so you might think you'll squeeze by that car in front of you, but you'll actually hit it.


Oh, okay I didn't know that. I know what you mean, I had once a RHD Skyline 2000GT wich was like the Nismo 350Z...

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Is there another way of doing this as that tool doesn't work anymore? I've been trying all day to work it out any help really will be appreciated or if someone could do it for me that would be even better! PM me if you can help :)


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