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Doctor G - Ferrari 512 BBLM sound - UPDATED DECEMBER 1

Doctor G.

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A sweet racing V12 sound for the F512 Testarossa. This BB LM makes so many cool noises that it was really hard to choose which ones to keep in a sound mod... Maybe I can upload another version with different samples that are really nice too if you like.


Source :


Sound mod :


Download :

Ferrari 512 BBLM TDU sound V2 (512 TR slot) by Doctor G.zip


Thanks for your feedback.

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Most def. a good sound :D And yes, please add other versions ;) the one thing i could say to improve is to give it more beefy sound. The real vid sound has more of a clean cut sound. off mid and high are a little whineyish, but not bad. Letting off gas at high rpm in the real vid reminds me of urbans 430 challenge sound alot. hope this helps! Keep going! I LOOOOOVE your work!


Edit: ok WOW this sound is pretty nice! just tried it in game, has more push than the video most def. I think my only suggestion is the crackle sound with it is a little too much for the cleanness of this car :) Off mid and high sound pretty amazing though in game :)

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