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[Development update] portal, wiki, tab content

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Finally finished my newly designed and developed bbcode - tab content

here are some screenshots

gallery_1_2_19257.jpg --> switch to second tab -->gallery_1_2_22748.jpg

this bbc will only be available in the wiki, portal and media area

to help members editing our public database


while you need to switch tab to view other part of text, they are actually publicly viewable in html

this provides better SEO


I will also write a resource page explaining how to use this feature


home page preview



Now seem like every thing we need for wiki is completed

but before I open up for beta testing, later tonight or early tomorrow

I will take the site down for a short time to launch out new home page

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Eud! i really want to say many thing about the beta, actually yesterday I was composing part of it, but just related to lyrics and resource, i was about to continue today in the morning but I lost what I was writing due to a crash.. =/ sunsun  then i found you started the beta.. 


But i'm not sure if I must wait for you to finish the beta, how is finally going to be, and then tell you all the sutff..i'm craving!!!


so far the only issue i found in ffox & chrome was this, not sure if the gallery thumbnail should be centered or just like that, somehow looks weird.. like if  something is missing



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This is basically what it looks like in the final

I have tested many times in a private environment, should be working fine

please do and i encourage you to contribute to the wiki, that's how we find bugs


for the gallery images, that's because your display resolution is too small

the gaps on the right side of image don't have enough space to hold the next image, so it moved to the next line

i can probably make it auto resize accordingly to monitor resolution, but i think that can cause images being stretched in larger display, will see

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Well, after some head scratching, I think it would be better to provide a different structure for adding, and displaying field

take lyrics for example, break down info into text entry field for artist / music / anime from / other etc on add/edit record

and format them all into a nice table on display record

and lyrics with text fields for original / romaji / english / chinese whatever, and they will automatically convert into tab content instead of having member to do so

but then the fields on add record page would be too many


lemme know what you guys think, taking ideas


here is a quick example i have set up



reminds me a line

too much trouble, not enough time...

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