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Got some good news for u Tob and maby for some other members that uses them 3 min rus mods, The P1 and the LaFerrari that some( dunno who and dont care who) rus modder is converting is not from FM5 its a from scratch made model or from NFS they are just trolling all u guys that love to use them rus mods nothing els and that just sad

and plz dont get me wrong bro but could u plz stop to promote does russian guys that dont and eva even posted eny mods here on turboduck bec that just suxx imo

im just telling the truth im not trying to pee on you but its just a fact


Turboduck is the only home of modding and racing games

If some of u guys are against promoting((PIMPSlap that like button))

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Test Drive Unlimited Mods - Joo Games

dis site is connected to the rus community ?

Some friends of mine said me that the russian's mod are often incomplete , and the download often too.

the results? a rar which doesn't contains anything or contains file that are dangered or broken and of the lowest quality .

Anyway In a game center i saw the picture of the new need for speed "Rivals". Are there chance to see cars converted from dis game ?:hiya:

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Im not 100% sure but looks like it


They are not just incomplete, I can tell u rly great storys abaut russian modding im not saying that all Russian modders are the same but most of em are.


1. They reupload mods without asking the converter or giving them eny Credit ((i dont rly mind that bec i know what my work is )) but other modders do care.


2. They take ur mod extract all the files they need without asking.


3. They unlock ur locked 3dg model file and sort out all the materials they need and also chek how u build/converted the mod.


The thing i hate at most are does 3 min straight export mods


1.Extract the model and Textures

2.Import model to zmod

3.Atach all together add the textures,move a few dummys and the 3 min mod is done with no good looking textures etc and there are not even complete bec the other half of the carbody is in the INT bnk (a easy way to chek that is go to photomode zoom away then u see a big difference meny parts are not clear and also some parts just disappear

4.Export,replace all the edit files and the mod is done and some ppl that dont care abaut quality uses them.

but at the end its up to evry one his self what kind of mods they use,

ok that's enough with real talk for this year

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I agree with you Bro, but I admit that some cars they made are very cool. I didn't know the fact you said, but I'm sorry to say I don't really care where the model come from; it's a mod, it's made to be play with it and have fun. They could be bad quality, they could be great quality it's still a car and it's still the work of a modder, every modder spend hours on a car and I respect modders for that. Russian people have a different culture than our, they want to stay with other people who have the same culture, I don't really know why they don't want to come on turboduck and I don't mind, it's there choice. For me, they just are normal person who share mods, they like to do mods for the community and that's cool ! I'm sorry to say I don't see what's bad, they can troll us, I just say never mind. I've never wrote any message on there website, it's not where I want to say something, I prefer turboduck who's a great community with great people. I don't want to promote them and I only know I musn't talk much about them but I have no idea why. :ill: But ok, I use to visit they website and I saw many mods from turboduck on they russian website, I have to say that's not cool, they don't give credit to turboduck's modders, it's the only thing bad I saw.

In that story, I'm not here to make everything wrong or make people angry. I'm just a boy who's sometimes bored and like to have fun with mods. I respect everybody for whatever there are and whatever they do. That's all. All mods are great, I love your mods, I love Norby's mod, I love russian mods, etc... , I'm just saying and now I close my mouth because I've got the felling it's going bad that story and it's not the right topic to talk about that. Sorry to everybody, Please don't get me wrong. :leaves:


EDIT: Just saw your second post and now I understand. I'm really sorry, that's not respectful... :ill:

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Kind day, friends! My English bad, also is the first reason of why I don't spread here the fashions. My opinion: everyone uses those fashions which are pleasant to it. Therefore I don't consider that there are bad and good fashions and authors. Everyone fashions will be downloaded by the audience. I didn't understand one: who told that the Russian modders (and at present only I do mods in Russia) try to issue model from different games under models from Fozra 5. I wait when there will be an opportunity to receive models from Forza 5 and I will make them. But different hearings are nonsenses. I do models which to me nobody did, but I always am correct, the model from where is taken.


And now concerning of my mods here, on this site. My mods here aren't present for many reasons:

1) as I already also wrote above - my English is very bad. I use the translator that though somehow to contact foreign friends and users.

2) still long ago, when this site was tdu-central, there was a conflict. I any more don't remember, in my opinion, with the previous administration. Since then, my mods and mods of my friends on this site didn't give all the best

3) having read here, I saw sufficient number of the comments proving that emergence here my works won't enjoy popularity, and in some cases even on the contrary, to cause any bad reaction.


Therefore, it is simpler to me to refrain from releases here. Those who likes my works - perfectly know where they can be found. Those to whom they aren't pleasant - on our site don't come.


Dear [email protected] I apologize that wrote about myself in your thread, I hope, you don't awake to be angry with me.

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Kind day, friends! ...


Hi Miha, great to see you around here!!


I am one of those guys who really likes your mods (I am the email man ;) )!


Today I downloaded the Silver Spirit, it´s very nice to have this mod. Thank you for that.





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