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Introducing our own video player, and gallery minor change

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!Gallery home page slide show has been replaced by a patchwork of random recent images, each images will flash and change positions


+The Video Player is purely based on HTML 5 video player with custom skin (Ya Ya miracle of HTML5, although some developers still think it is little buggy)


To use the player, you will have to upload it to some file storage centers where they allow you to direct link to the file
This skips the trouble when you have to go through 3rd party websites to upload video, and user friendly, no advertisement, better control

We may host video in the future, but right now, my wallet can't support it (sob sob...)


Currently it only support 4 formats (limited by html, there is nothing i can do): (I have only tested mp4, so let me know if you find others don't work)

  .mp4   .flv    .ogv   .webm


to apply, simply click special bbcode -> media from our editor, from there you will be able to input the url

or you can manually enter following format


note that for our media system, you can just use URL mode and paste the link (without tags)


below is an actual example of the player



You ask me why I'm using this version of the ending? (P.S. if you don't know, the character at the end is different base on the story)

it's because of my own liking wakaka ... ouch

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