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DLC Pack Ideas

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I know There are lots of threads like this, but I'm Not going to be having a list of cars that are common or really obscure!(as much as I'd like the Suzuki Cappuccino in the game!)


Insted, i'm just Suggesting ideas for furture carpacks!


So What do you guys think?


90's Supercar pack - McLaren F1, Jag XJ220, Ect


Rally Legends - Lancia Stratos, Audi quattro, Etc


Hot Hatch Pack - Citroen DS3R, Ford Focus RS, Etc


Super Saloons - Merc C63 AMG, Jag XFR


Classic Muscle - Chevy Camaro '69, Dodge Challenger '69, etc


Classic Euro - Aston DB5, Ferrari 250(any type, not just the GTO)


just an Idea As i said!;)


Also if any of the mod's think i've put this in the wrong place, please move it to the right one! We Should maybe Set up a 'TDU2 Suggestions' tab? just a Though!

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What would be nice would be:


Lamborghini Pack

Murcielago LP670-4 SV

Murcielago LP650/640 Roadster

Gallardo LP550-2 Balboni

Gallardo LP570-4 SL

Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder

Miura SV


Diablo GT


SUV Collection

Land Rover Defender 90/SVX

Land Rover Range Rover

Land Rover Freelander

Audi Q5

Ford Kuga

Ruf Dakara

Subaru B9 Tribeca (Why not?)


American Cars

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Chevrolet Corvette C6 Cabriolet

Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Dodge Viper ACR-X

Dodge Challenger R/T

Dodge Challenger SRT-8


Rims Pack

General after-market rims, such as BBS etc. since you can change them, why not change them to something a bit different, with black ones and gold maybe.

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*HRM HRM HRM* I'd like to introduce you to this:


That's why not. :p

I kinda like it. :leaves: Especially the interior:




At least if you drive it from cockpit view this is all you'll see. :p

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Asian Pack

Nismo Skyline R34 GT-R Z-Tune

Hyundai Genesis

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX

Subaru Legacy 2.5GT


Road & Track

Ferrari 360CS

Ferrari F40

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Lamborghini Murcielago LP670SV


Rally Pack

Lancia Stratos

Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Nissan Pulsar GTi-R

Subaru Impreza WRX STi (GC)


SUV Pack



Land Rover Freelander

Lamborghini LM002


Hopeful these are all quite likely, but just as doubtful :(. Aside from those, I'd love to see a nice array of BMWs, Mercedes and Lamborghini's are too.

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I gotta say, all of these are great, I would especially LOVE to see


Viper Acr

Challenger R/T





Plus some of mine:

DBS Roadster

Zonda Cinque roadster

Subaru Impreza WRX STi '08

Subaru Impreza 22b


These are just the ones that popped into my head now.

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i never thought i'd say this but let Eden first try to get the game running properly and then add cars which we need to survive like as mentioned Lambo's moar Ferrari's and the Asian pack which was mentioned also caught my eye.....

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I'd love the Rally Legends pack, and would probably pay almost any amount if it had the Stratos, Quattro, Cosworth and Celica GT4. Though some actual dirt track races would need to be added then, no restricting them to asphalt races like the poor Impreza, maybe make them B1/2 class.


Other than that, any pack with an Evo IV/X or F355 would be great.

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Tried to keep this list based on the makes already present in game. These vehicles seem like no brainers to me.


SUVs Trucks


Ford f150 Raptor

Land Rover Defender

Mercedes G55

Hummer H1


Touring/Luxury Cars


Audi S8

Mercedes C 63

Mercedes CLS 63

Mercedes E 63

Mercedes CL 63




VW Scirocco

Ferrari 355

Ferrari 575

Ferrari F40 and F50 (would love to have those two cruising with an Enzo)

Mercedes SL Black Series




Dodge Challenger 2011

Dodge Charger '69 (one of my all time favorites)

Chevy Corvettes (69 Stingray and zr-1)

Chevy Camaro '69

Chevy Chevelle

Ford F100 '55 (exception to the no brainer rule)


Also wouldn't mind


Supra, R33 Skyline, Evo and all Lambos

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1.Audi RS4 B7 sedan

2.Audi RS4 B5 Avant

3.Audi S8 D3



1.BMW M3 e30 evo III

2.BMW M3 e36 evo

3.BMW M3 e46

4.BMW M3 e90 sedan

5.BMW M5 e39

6.BMW M5 e60

7.BMW X6 M



1.Ferrari F40

2.Ferrari F50

3.Ferrari F430 coupe

4.Ferrari 360 Modena



1.Ford Focus RS / RS500

2.Ford Mondeo ST220 sedan

3.Ford Mondeo EcoBoost 2.0T Titanium S



1.Honda Civic Type-R ep3

2.Honda S2000



1.Hummer H2



1.Mercedes c32 AMG

2.Mercedes e55 AMG W210

3.Mercedes SLR

4.Mercedes SL63 AMG

5.Mercedes s65 AMG w220



1.Nissan Skyline GT-R R33

2.Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 v-spec II

3.Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Nismo Z-Tune

4.Nissan 350z

5.Nissan 370z Nismo



1.Subaru Impreza WRX STi (GH)



1.Toyota Supra Twin Turbo

2.Toyota Land Cruiser 2009



1.Volkswagen Bora 2.8 VR6 or Jetta GLI

2.Volkswagen Golf IV R32

3.Volkswagen Passat B6 R36

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Ha ha they haven't got the time nor funding to add any of those cars in the game.


Dlc will probably be


1.ferrari 360




3.aston martin dbs convertible


4.Audi rs3 if we are lucky


5.All the other cars that weren't included in the retail version of the game.

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Hunt Tess Wintory mini game.




I was thinking of some sort of a party thingy that allows you to host parties at your house like in the first scene of the game. An on/off dance gesture would be nice then because it looks a bit boring when there are 10 people in the same building and everyone's just standing still or walking around. Just my 2c.

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I think there was already a thread for this!:ill:


Plus, seeing these threads is horrible... so many good ideas and no one at EDEN ever reads these threads. But, this is what happens when they ban everyone at the official forums that have anything to say besides complimenting the game! Sad thing, so many fans, so many good ideas...:-x

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I can think of a few:


1. Ford F150 Raptor

2. Jeep Grand Cherokee

3. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

4. Land Rover LR4

5. Land Rover Defender

6. Mercedes G Wagon AMG

7. Mercedes C63 AMG

8. Mercedes E63 AMG Sedan

9. Mercedes E550 Coupe

10. Mercedes S65 AMG

11. Mercedes SLK Black

12. Chrysler 300 [New Facelifted]

13. Chrysler 200

14. Dodge Charger SRT-8 [New Facelifted]

15. Ram 1500 Pickup

16. VW W12 Concept Coupe/Roadster

17. VW Golf R20

18. Ferrari F40

19. Ferrari F50

20. Audi RS4

21. Audi A6

22. Audi A8

23. Subaru WRX STi Hatch/Sedan

24. Lamborghini LP560-4

25. Lamborghini LP640

26. Lamborghini Gallardo [04'-08']

27. Honda S2000

28. Honda Civic Si

29. Infiniti G37 Sedan/Coupe

30. Infiniti M56 Sedan


I would love it if these were added to the game or at least a few of them.

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Alfa Romeo:


'10 Giulletta

'11 Giulia


Aston Martin:


'94 DB7

'98 V8 Vantage

'10 Rapide




'09 S4

'83 Quattro

'10 A7

'08 S8




'07 Arnage

'91 Continental R

'11 Mulsanne




'10 CTS-V

'06 DTS

'09 SRX




'92 Corvette ZR1

'10 Corvette

'96 Camaro




'10 DS3

'05 C4 by Löeb

'06 C6




'70 Challenger

'08 Challenger

'96 Viper RT10




'84 288 GTO

'87 F40

'95 F50

'94 F355

'89 348




'10 Fiesta

'95 Escort RS Cosworth

'10 Focus RS

'09 Taurus

'02 Crown Victoria




'09 Civic

'10 Accord

'05 S2000

'90 NSX




'92 XJ220

'97 XJ

'09 XJ




'09 Genesis




'66 Miura

'74 Countach

'90 Diablo

'02 Murciélago

'03 Gallardo

'08 Reventón




'08 Delta

'82 037 Stradale

'86 S4 Stradale


Land Rover:


'83 Defender

'90 Range Rover




'92 Ghibli

'95 Shamal

'09 GranTurismo

'05 Quattroporte




'05 57S

'06 62S




'09 MX-5

'95 RX-7

'05 RX-8




'98 Lancer EVOV

'07 Lancer EVOX

'06 Pajero




'09 Maxima

'05 350GT

'10 Murano

'10 Qashqai +2

'10 Juke

'90 Primera 2.0 GT

'89 R32

'93 R33

'02 R34




'08 Insignia

'07 GT

'09 Astra




'95 Ibiza GTi

'07 Léon Cupra




'95 Impreza 22B Sti

'08 Impreza




'94 Supra

'95 Celica GT-Four




'02 Golf R32

'10 Passat

'05 Phaeton

'06 Eos

'09 Scirocco R



I know its a big list, but... let me dream!:D I didn't add Porsche or BMW because I think its beyond dreaming!

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Omitting the obvious ones that won't be in the game (Lamborghini, BMW, Honda, Porsche, Mitsubishi and Mazda)


Aston Martin:

'11 Rapide



'10 S8

'10 S4



'08 Arnage

'12 Continental GT

'12 Mulsanne

'11 Continental Supersports



'10 Corvette ZR1



'02 360 Challenge Stradale

'87 F40

'95 F50



'10 W427

'10 Grange

'10 Maloo R8

'10 Clubsport R8


'11 M56x

'11 FX56



'10 XKR



'12 Agera


Land Rover:

'10 Range Rover Supercharged



'10 ISF

'10 LFA

'10 LS600h



'94 F1



'11 C63 AMG

'10 G55 AMG

'11 S63 AMG

'10 CLS63 AMG



'02 Skyline GT-R R34



'08 Insignia

'07 GT

'09 Astra



'09 Dakara

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