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I don't like white phones either. They are too bling-bling :P (No comments about golden iPhones....)


How so?

sony even has a website dedicated to firmware modifications, they allow you to unlock the bootloader and they give you instructions to do so: Unlockbootloader - Developer World


Sony releases Android AOSP for some of their devices if you prefer it:

AOSP for Xperiaâ„¢ devices Developer World


And if you check xda-developers there are plenty custom roms made for xperias^^


Well, I was clearly miss-informed... I should take a look on experias then ;)

Sorry about language!

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Surprised how good the sound is too


48" shouldn't be toooo big.


Yeah the sound on them things is pretty good, flatscreens went through a stage of suffering sound-wise due to how thin they were getting. It seems to be on the up again though.

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Won't post my own photo because I did that before, but I got another two of these fitted to the front of the car yesterday so it now has a full matching set:




One of the old tyres had worn on both outer edges and had several chunks out of the rim protection and the other one had loads of tread left, but looked like it wasn't wide enough for the wheel and seemed to be stretched. Probably would've got a fine/points for one or both tyres if I had ever been stopped by the police so they had to go quickly after the rear tyres.


Next up, Hunter Wheel Alignment to make sure the outer edges don't wear off on the new tyres.

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