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I think my last post here was done while i was under the influence... :lol:



Got these today...


Toolbox & TDU for PS2 by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr


Was meant to get a oil & air filter as well as oil for my mums car, left with the toolbox.

And Yes, that's TDU for the PS2, got it for when I'm down in Edinburgh as place i', staying has a PS2.

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It's best to keep them all in a sort of neat order. Well spanners are all just shoved in a draw, likewise stuff like players, snips, etc but I keep the sockets in order of size's & what size it fits(Size of bolt/ size of ratchet or bar). :nods: Real pain otherwise at work.


Also forgot, I bough Far Cry 3 as well.

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Shame you didn't get TDU for PC, I had it on PS2 before I joined this forum, PC is a lot better! You're missing out on PS2 :(


That's where your wrong, I have it on PSP, PC, 360 & now PS2. :lol:


Thats the order I got them as well. I bet I'm the only guy on the forum to own it on all format's it was released. ;)


Is Tomb Raider good? Was going to get that but herd you could go Goat hunting on FC3 so got that instead. (also It was cheaper)



Also, VTEC is waiting to kick in for me...Yo!


Honda Civic Aerodeck by CarbonCoffee, on Flickr

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It's the 1.6 SE, so naturally it has the F20C in it. :lol:


It's in original condition, and plan on keeping it like that if i'm honest. New rims top's maybe.(RS Watanabes/Minilights?).


Giving it a wee servicing when I get it home(dealing with tax/insurance tomorrow) so back to price them on Wednesday, and I WONT be leaving with a toolbox again.

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