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Post Patch/Update #3 Reports!

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Hey there as you know the BIG fix, patch, update went live and loud yesterday for TDU2. If you didn't know this then be sure to check out this thread to find out how to find and install it. For everyone else it would be greatly appreciated if you could post here any issues and bugs you may have across since the patch was activated.


Posts are required in a specific format and hopefully if we can keep this thread constructive and structured we can use it to help better this game and make it a true successor to TDU.




[Category] - Location (Freeroam, Map, Club, Multiplayer Race, Showroom, Casino) - Online/Offline (if Online but playing Offline please state Online/Offline)

Date & Time TIMEZONE (GMT, PDT, EST etc)

Your system details: (Region Size HDD, Game run from Disc/HDD Install, Controller, Kinect Connected?)

Issue Experienced: What happens and what shows; any messages or black screen?

Can be Reproduced? YES/NO (if YES state how ie; happens at this location all the time)




[CRASH] (Permanent Black screen)













[OTHER] (if none above apply use this)


[FREEZE] - Club - Online

Date: 16th March, 2001 20:00PM GMT

My System: UK PAL, Xbox Slim, 250GB, HDD Install, No Kinect

Issue: While in my club and looking at the Members List the game froze. Controller and Dashboard non-functional and required a forced restart by switching my consoles power off.

Reproducible: NO


You can also report such issues via the Official TDU2 forums


Thanks and remember this is for issues and bugs only! :)

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I've only had problems since this update:



On game loading... permanent load screen;

During Driving School trials.



On entering SP events and Driving School trials



If paused for too long or left unattended at a race intro, controls become unresponsive.

Can sometimes get to the guide up to reset the game.

Often the console won't even recognise the controller, even after syncing.

This only happens on TDU2.



My console is a new 250gb 'slim' version... only a couple months old.



I've only experienced these issues since the patch and had no issues before that... clubs and casino excluded of course.

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[FREEZE] - Anywhere - Online and Offline

Date: All the time since release. Usually after 30 minutes to a hour of gameplay.

My System: UK PAL, Xbox Elite, 120GB, HDD Install, and off the disc, No Kinect

Issue: The whole Xbox just locks up, sound stops and the guide won't pop up. Have to turn it off at the Xbox,

Reproducible: NO

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[CASINO] - both versions of poker - Online

Date: 25th March, 2011 8:00PM - 10:00PM GMT

My System: UK PAL, Xbox Elite, 120GB, HDD Install, No Kinect

Issue: While in the casino playing "sit & go" poker and "cash" poker. The sound effects (card shuffling, woman's voice, noise of chips clashing together and many more.) slowly drop off until you can no longer here anything but background noise AKA that annoying music!

Reproducible: YES


[listS] - My friends list still doesn't work even after this patch (also don't show up on map!) but my club list does.

Reproducible: Since launch, every day.

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