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[PC] Patriotic Cruise - Thursday 28th April 2011 @ 7pm GMT (8pm UK)

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Patriotic Cruise - Thursday 28th April [email protected] 7pm GMT (8pm UK)

In celebration of the Royal Wedding on Friday 29th, we will be staging a patriotic cruise the evening before.


e: As I have yet to play ANY form of Multiplayer game which isn't a straight out race. I want to try a few goes on the Follow the Leader and Keep Your Distance races :D If you'll all join me!?


Type: Cruise


Road Rules: Hardcore Road Rules


Restriction: Club Members have priority


Vehicle: British Cars

(Please see the colour of your name in the list for the colour you car should bring).


Island: Ibiza


Meeting place: Asian Tuner




Description: Cruising Ibiza with Road Rules




1. Iced_Bullet (red)

2. GhostRacerGTI (white)

3. jonestheman (blue)

4. eXile (red)

5. Carl_D(white)

6. a242j (blue)

7. TheScottishSpot (red)

8. (blue)

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Count me in. However I will not be "celebrating" the Royal Wedding as I think they are...yeah let's just leave it at that. :cheeky:


Basically I am just coming because of the cruise. ;)

Put you in red for now.


But if anyone wants red I'm sure he wont mind swapping as he's not being patriotic. Bah ... humbug!

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