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Post One Random Automotive Video Per Day

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Great documentary :tup:




The documentary is great, but it didn't really touch on exactly why Shelby hated Enzo Ferrari and wanted vengeance against him. The documentary said Enzo liked to pit drivers against each other, but the reasoning stopped short there.. probably to avoid legal trouble with Ferrari.


But in the book "Go Like Hell", Shelby clearly says why: "That son of a bitch killed my friend Musso"..."And he killed others too."


Also, I didn't know until recently that there's a movie coming out next year called "Ford v. Ferrari", based off of this book. Starring Christian Bale & Matt Damon as Shelby. Scheduled release is June 28, 2019 :lol:


Ford v. Ferrari - Wikipedia


And here's an excerpt from the book:



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The full story of Need For Speed games in the BlackBox studio's era.

Ryan Cooper is the main character and here is his full story-line in order!



Did you know?!

So I asked an NFS Carbon author that why - out of no where - "Darius" was the name they chose for the bad guy. I questioned it because first of all I am Persian and second, apparently in most Hollywood movies and western video games Iranians are the bad guys and I have yet to hear about at least one western movie that has a good Persian guy or an Iranian Hero. He never replied back. Of course this is just a normal question without any motivation behind it, And he left it unanswered so far!


Note that most of the games and movies are made without thinking about their future or past. so it is better not to think thoroughly deep into the timelines as apparently most of the times authors just try to link the movie or video game series last minute and without a solid thoughtful logic.

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