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The Rules - You Must Read These : UPDATED 2020-04-20

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TDUCk – Rules of the Board



Hi and welcome to turboduck, sometimes referred to as TDUCk.

Please remember this place is all about having fun and enjoying yourself but don’t forget this board is for all ages and will be visited by people from all over the world.  So please use common sense in your posts and please refrain from using leetspk, txtspk, gangsta, etc as those who use online translators or are learning English will find it difficult to understand what you are saying.

We have built up a great community here since February 2007 and wish to keep that going where discussion is encouraged and there is plenty of activity and things to do as well as view.  All we ask is that you obey these rules and in doing so you will help us keep TDUCk one of the friendliest and liveliest communities around.



1. The Rules

First and foremost, you should treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. If you’re thinking of posting something which could be deemed offensive, argumentative, slanderous, libelous or anything that could be demeaning to an individual, organisation or ethnicity, then think how you would react if it was you reading that post from someone else.  Basically if you need to censor anything you type then it’s not permitted and if the tone is sounding hostile then is it really worth posting?  Probably not!

Section 1.1 – Posting New Replies and Threads and Searching

Section 1.2 – Image and Video Posting Guidelines

Section 1.3 – Inappropriate content

Section 1.4 – Problems or Grievances with other Members


2 – Mod Shop Guidelines

Along with all of the rules from Section 1 above you will need to follow the below rules when posting within the TDU Mod Shop. Failure to do so may result in removal of posts and posting permissions within the mod shop.

Section 2.1 – Making a Request

Section 2.2 – Posting a Vehicle Mod

Section 2.3 – Using The Mod Template

Stick to these Rules and you will have nothing to worry about!


Some good practices

Always tag your post, it helps you and others (since tags will show up on popular tag cloud, search item, and similar tagged content)

Enjoy your stay? promote for us (You may choose to earn cash or store credit from it)


If you ever see a member breaking any of these rules, then please report it to us either via PM (private message) or by clicking the "Report post" link that can be found near the top-right hand side of every post and PM.

Have fun and we hope you enjoy it here.



TDUCk Staff


*Please note these rules are subject to change at any time. If they should be amended or added to then you will be notified of this change and the date of the change will be shown. It is your responsibility to read the changes and conduct any necessary changes as requested or required.

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1.1 Posting Replies and New Threads (Use Search First!!)

a. Posting And You
It is imperative and a must that you watch the following video:


b. Use The Search Function
Before posting a new thread, use the search function as a similar thread that may be of use might of already been posted.

To use the search function type in what you wish to search in the white bar underneath the banner towards the top right hand side of each page. There is also an Advanced search option just below the main search bar if you wish to search using more parameters.

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1.2 Image And Video Posting Guidelines

a. Image sizes
Images will automatically be resized if uploaded or attached to your forum posts.  Therefore image sizes do not need to be enforced as they were in previous years.


b. Posting Videos
Please do not embed more than 3 videos per post, please use text links if you need more than 3.


c. Quoting Images and Videos
Please do not quote posts that contain a lot of images, videos, or posts that are unusually long.


d. Recommended Sites For Image Hosting
Copy/Paste your image into your post to host it on TurboDuck (but only where Copyrights permits)






---------- Update 2011-11-23: The filesize limit has now been changed to 500kB (0.5 MB).----------

Update 2012-06-01: The filesize limit has now been changed to 800kB (0.8 MB).----------

Update 2013-03-11: The filesize limit has now been changed to 5MB for static images and 10MB for animated images.

Update 2020-04-20: The filesize limit has now been removed.  Some recommended image hosting sites have been removed.

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1.3 Inappropriate content

a. No profanity, swearing or obscenities
It is irrelevant in what form they come in, be it text, image or video form, swearing is still prohibited in all areas of this forum. This also includes trying to bypass the swear filter with the use of asterisks, characters and numbers to represent letters.

Please note that in “The Bin” and “General Chat” sections there may be some content that is not suitable for younger members and will be “Not Safe for Work or School”(NSFWoS). These are usually funny images or YouTube videos and if you are posting these then please make sure you put NSFWoS along with some warning in bold red text in the first post itself to alert people to this.

We do have a limit to what is allowed though, so don’t push it!


b. No w*arez and/or illegal discussions
No discussions regarding; torrents, p2p, filesharing, downloads, newsgroups, illegal ftp, files etc or links to sites, programs or information on how to achieve this. This includes encouraging others to break this rule.

Discussion of game hacking/hex editing will also not be allowed on TurboDuck and if you post such things your posts will be removed and appropriate action taken against you. This includes providing information and links on how to hack/hex edit TDU2.


c. No pornography or soft porn images
There are youngsters here, remember that! If you are still unsure then your best bet is to not post it in the first place.


d. No abusing of or insulting other members or groups who you may have a grievance with.
This type of conduct is not tolerated, so keep it off the board. Plus it could result in much harsher real action being taken if it’s serious enough.


e. No advertising of offsite websites, products, media and services unless authorized via permission by us first!
You are free to put your site link in your signature as long as it relates to the topics of this forum. Examples are TDU, racing, driving, cars, gaming and such. If you post your link please make sure it is using a font size no bigger than 2 and also that it contains no distracting colours/colors and such otherwise it may be removed. Failure to comply to this will result in your signature being edited or completely removed and may even result in your inability to have a signature at all!

If you wish to have a link to a website that doesn't relate to the topic of this forum then please ask for a member of staffs permission first via PM.


f. TurboDuck.net disclaims all responsibility for content posted by its members.
The moderation & staff team comprises of unpaid volunteers who also have other responsibilities and commitments.  This means it is possible that objectionable content may not always be removed promptly.  If you find objectionable content on this site, it is not implied to be endorsed or approved by TurboDuck.net staff.

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1.5 Problems or Grievances with other Members
Should you have an issue with a member on the board, be it a post, a private message (PM) you have received or anything else that was received through the TDUCk forum system, then please don’t make it worse by bringing it out in public and risk starting trouble on the board by posting something inappropriate or defamatory that may land you in trouble also. Contact a staff member via the PM (private message) system or use the Report link that appears on every post and PM and we will deal with it without it hopefully becoming a major issue.

Should you have an issue with a member or player off the board then please keep it off the board. This includes any Xbox LIVE, System Link, tournament etc. Bringing these issues and situations out in public on TDUCk just causes trouble and upset to other members and again does nothing for the community spirit we have here.

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2.1 Making A Request
So you want to make a Request for a Vehicle mod, well this is how you go about it;


1) First of all make sure to post clearly in the title what you want, no "I want this" or "This would be soo cool" as this helps noone who is searching and makes it annoying to skim when checking New or Todays Posts. So say you want someone to make a BMW E30 M3 well your thread title would simply be "BMW E30 M3". Simple enough don't you think?

2) In the post itself if the vehicle is not that well known or if it's a tuner model like a Hamann or Novitec it would be good to post an image of the vehicle itself so that anyone who may be able to do the modelling has a good idea of what is to be expected rather than having to go look all the materials themself. Front, Side, Rear and Interior image would be best.

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2.2 Posting A Vehicle Mod

a. Use the Downloads Section
All mods should be shared via the Downloads section of the website.


b. Credit The Source
Any models posted with download links must have the appropriate credits given for the model and must use the Mod Template. Any credits must be clearly stated. If the credits to the model are incorrect or missing the download link shall be removed and the thread will be locked until you provide us with the credits.

If it comes to our attention that a modder has used a model, or part of a model which they do not have permission to use, we will lock the thread and remove all download links. You will then have 7 days to provide us with proof that you have permission to use the model, or part of the model in question.


c. Creator or Converter
You must state whether you created the model or whether you converted the model for use in TDU. This includes where you converted it from and all additional parts used on the model.


d. Title
For mod creators: in the title put your name, there is 2 reasons for this; 1) If you are well known and someone performs a search for your name then the results will show up very easily and 2) Those who don't search can also see clearly the creators name of which they will probably know already. Also there is now a Prefix system in place so that visitors can see the status of your mod straight away and we ask that you use this as it should avoid the usual questions such as "Where can I download this?" especially if it's a current WIP (Work in Progress) or you are wanting to gauage reaction. Want to test your mod before releasing it, edit or update your thread to set the Prefix to ßeta and those who wish to test it out and give you proper feedback will do so. Then once all is set and done and bugs have been worked out mark it as a Release.


e. Locking Your Files
You may lock your files if you are the creator of that model as that is your own work and obviously it is completely up to yourself whether you wish for people to be able to view and edit your work as they see fit.

If you are converting a model however then you can also lock your files providing you have done significant (some people check so don't lie!) work of your own on the model itself. This means you haven't just imported the model and then immediately exported it into TDU and claim it as your own, this is not your work then. However if you edit the model to make it as high-quality as possible for when it's ingame then you have in a small way made that model somewhat yours and may wish to stop others stealing or taking credit for your edits so in this instance locking the files is fine.


NOTE: Proper credits must be provided so that users can source the original model for themselves. Please mention the title or link the website where you acquired the model itself.

(We are aware that models made before these rules that are locked cannot be unlocked)

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2.3 Using The Mod Template
Copy and paste the template below, then edit as necessary.


Vehicle Model Name  [Latest Version No.]
Vehicle replaced: X
Converted by: Modder Name (Homepage optional)
Credits: 3D Model, Wheels & Interior - Name of Source Game

Please post at least 1 image of your mod - then delete this text

!!Please make sure to backup your original files before installing this mod and read the included README file if there is one!!

Download Link
(any special instructions to download)[/b]
Requires Djey's Magicmap

Mod History
v0.8 - Fixed lights
v0.2 - Beta released

Terms of use:
- The models, skins and other files are for private use only
- Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited
- All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners

Optional Terms of use (delete or leave what you wish)
- If you wish to edit this modification please contact me via the e-mail address in the attached README file.
- You are allowed to edit this modification and it's contents for your own private use
- You are allowed to post this modification on your own site
- If posting a pic using materials from other properties please credit them accordingly ie; Rear Wing from NFS Most Wanted 
- Before uploading work by another modder, permission must be granted by the original author

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The turboduck animals
You may hear of these guys mentioned during your time here.

* Squirrel Mafia - Bunch of Drunk, angry Squirrels who are constantly after peoples' nuts!
* Clancy - One legged three-eyebrowed Flamingo
* Frank - Armadillo
* Penelope - Albino Peacock
* Cammy - Duck with a lisp
* Vince - Home goat, LOVES A WASH!
* Ernie - Goat imitating skunk
* Daizy - Evil Cow
* Ramonde - Art Critic Giraffe
* Graham - Goat that liked tweeting and used to have a goat dating site - dateagoat.co.uk
* Paul - a family of flies that crawls about your screen in a 1 in 50 chance, each one typically only lives about 24 hours.

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Update 2020-04-20:
Updated visual appearance of posts and hyperlinks to suit the new forum software.



Update 2013-08-18: Added the joke animals of the community.

Update 2013-05-12: The filesize limit has now been changed to 250KB for signature images.

Update 2013-03-11: The filesize limit has now been changed to 5MB for static images and 10MB for animated images.

Update 2012-06-01: The filesize limit has now been changed to 800kB (0.8 MB).

Update 2011-11-23: The filesize limit has now been changed to 500kB (0.5 MB).


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