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Pixel Cars


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I play an online forum game called pixel car world (click here for a link to it) and I like to play around tuning them and other pixel vehicles I even make pixel Garages


Here are some of my tunes

Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T




BMW M3 E30



BMW M3 E36



Toyota Supra


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it is simple you go through the game guide (first subforum)

set up your profile and sig according to the guide

Apply for a job

Go and buy your first car from the car dealership

If you have enough money left over you can buy some parts for it from the parts shop*

*any visual mods will need to be added to the car in a photo editing program, you can find parts on Google and from the PCW Database, if you dont have a photo editing program or dont have enough skill to apply certain parts you can get someone else to do it for you in the tuning garage at a cost

Enter you car into races to earn money in the race area

once you have some visual mods on your car you can enter the open shows in the show area

once you have completed your car performance and visual wise you can apply for a sponsorship (the more money you spend on your car the more money you get)


If you need any more help PM me at PCW my name is CARFREAK500

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