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Djey : TDU Modding Tools II [Release]

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This week, internal testing continues - especially with repacking HUD files for TDU1. Which can't be loaded by the game engine for weird reasons.

If all goes as expected, volunteers will get a hand on this piece of crap next week.


Without any guarantee as always, you know :)

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At first, i'm from holland so maybe sometimes bad english language.


I don't know if it is any added value. But i can explain the complete XMBF database file.

Someone handy with C language or scripts maybe able to make in into a simple editor, or load the values into your existing previous TDU1 editor.

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Hey Djey,


Have you used the name "HankMoody47200" over at a game research forum? Reason I ask is they are doing the same thing, as you are with TDUMT (Even with the XMB editor) Just wanting to check if that is you or not. I know you would register under "Djey" but you never know.


Seems odd is all.

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The xmb files is a simply xml files just binary format . The main problem - for me - when i play the xmb files: parsing the values: ok, but how to build the right xml structure?

Some value seems generated (indexes, classes), some value maybe dummy or constant.


Of course, maybe I thought wrong - I'm not a programmer:)

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Believe me or not, tomsolo, I'm working with XML files on a daily basis - and it's not even comparable to XMBF format - which is proprietary thus no spec on the internet does exist to show how to read it efficiently.

That's not just because extension is xmb that it's binarized xml.


Though you're right saying they are binary files... ;)

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