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TDUPE -- Max Ride Height settings?

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I have been playing with the excellent modding tools. In TDU PE under the "Aesthetic Values" tab, there are settings for Ride Height as well as Max Ride Height (both front and back).


I have experimented with these settings over and over and over, with different cars. Here's what I observed:


The "Ride Height" settings seem at least somewhat predictable. More often than not, they seem to set the height of the car above the wheels. That is, a really high Ride Height will give you a "monster truck" -looking suspension, and you can see the springs in the vehicle models and so forth. A really low Ride Height has the tops of the tires hidden under the fenders. It also seemed that, in some instances, the overall car (including tires and wheels) might be raised or lowered as a unit. (It's a bit tricky.) I understand that Ride Height also has a strong effect on the ride-handling physics of the car.


The real baffling thing is the Max Ride Height. I have observed, on some cars, that LOWERING this value will actually raise the tires UP, as if it's part of an interdependent relationship with the suspension length (similar to Ride Height's effect on suspension but with the wheels being moved up or down rather than the body); and I think the viability of this is dependent on the aforementioned Ride Height. This raising or lowering of tires and wheels can be very useful when changing rim models and Default Rim settings and the rim-size values in the DB file, as sometimes the tires end up buried too far in the ground -- the stock McLaren GT, for example, has horrible tire placement out-of-the-box (they're mashed nearly rim-deep into the ground), and by changing the ride height and max ride height, I have it looking great. (For anybody interested, you can fix the McLaren GT tire height by setting the parameters in the Ride Heights box -- going from top-to-bottom -- at 150, 128, 220, 211.)


However, on some cars, I have changed the Max Ride Height settings across a vast range -- sometimes LESS than the Ride Height and sometimes far greater. For example, keeping the Ride Heights at 170 and varying the Max Ride Height from 130 to 390, and not seeing any difference in suspension heights or tire heights.


Anybody have a clear idea of how this works, and any concrete idea of how Ride Height and Max Ride Height interrelate?


PS, sorry for my long-winded post, I was trying to be explicit.

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