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V1.1 Exaggerated V8 turbo sounds--2 files, similar sound (tones vary), each geared for different rpm

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EDIT: VERSION 1.1, released 11/16/2011 -- the file labeled for the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo now has a better idle; cleaned up the "scraping" sound in the idle, added a layer of rumble to the idle, and made the idle a bit lower and bassier. The Koenigsegg file is the same as before, if you already have it no need to change it, but both are included in the zip, same as I did for the original release. Also added another video here of the Saleen being driven badly. THIS LATER VIDEO IS LOUDER so watch your volume. (end of commentary on edit -- 11/16/2011)


FORGIVE the lousy driving and low frame rates in the vids. I got an older system (and use a simple gamepad) and the fps goes to crap when I turn on Fraps video recording.


Also forgive the novel-length post. I got diarrhea of the keyboard.



Newer, LOUDER video, be careful with speaker settings if you turned 'em up to watch t'other one. Enjoy my horrendous driving and especially my vertical takeoff and landing about 2/3 through the vid (with the Beryllium/orange Saleen)




Older video showing version 1.0 (quieter than vid above) - the changes in idle from v1.0 to 1.1 wouldn't really be that noticeable in this older vid


***NOTE there are two separate (but similar) sound packages in the zip file but these vids only show the lower-rpm one.


What the title says. Cranked V8 sounds with TDU's obtrusive turbo hiss. Both sound packages sound similar, but geared for different rpm band, with some tonality variations.


Started playing around with sound files. These two came out fair-sounding, I thought. A bit saturated, perhaps, with some "extra" noise arising due to over-amplification. TDU's engine-sound processing limitations sort of play hell with trying to get nice loud engine sounds.But perhaps someone may like to use them.


I am not suggesting these are "authentic" reproductions of any particular car sounds. None of the sound files ever sound like the car they're supposed to anyway. IT'S ALL JUST FOR FUN. We're not running a critical simulation here. Plug 'em where you want to, or throw 'em out if you don't like 'em.


RECOMMENDED to use these with cars that have the turbo setting ON. (You can check this using either Modding Tools or Performance Editor.) There are some "chirping artifacts" at the high-end that actually sort of enhance the overall sound when overlaid with the turbo hiss.


The one labeled for the Saleen S7 TT is good up to around 7000 rpm. I like it for the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo with redline @ 6500 rpm. Gives it some nice crunch. Has a "wider" more open sound than the CC8 version.

The one labeled for the CC8 is good up to around 7600 rpm. A little more compressed-sounding than the Saleen S7 -labeled version. I like it for either Koenigsegg. I actually use it for Illusion's CCX that I body-swapped into the CC8 slot. If you really focus on it and throttle it slow, you can hear a bit of sloppiness in the transition from on-low to on-mid. I messed with that transition quite a bit but it still doesn't quite do it for me.


The video features the Saleen only. Like I said, the two files are similar in sound, so you can get the gist. The Koenigsegg CC8 and CCR as well as the Saleen S7 TT were based around Ford V8 engines, and they're all twin turbos, so I figure the similarities in sound are plausible within the game world.


Again, put 'em where you want, rename them accordingly, just be mindful of the rpm and the recommended turbo "on."



THE FURTHER DISSERTATION -- yikes somebody stop me I can't cease typing :ill:


BOTH OF THESE two engine-sound packages are assembled based on some pretty good samples I "borrowed" that were floating around in a folder for a different driving game. Based on a Ford V8 engine. So the two packages I assembled provide similar sounds with some different blends and redlines, and some variations in tonality. I had to shape and edit the samples to an exhausting degree to get them to work somewhat cleanly with these cars in TDU.


I am not 100 percent satisfied with these. For starters, I managed to fall into the over-saturation and/or over-distortion trap somewhat, in my attempts to make them sound ballsy. Clipping? You betcha. Also, I am not 100-percent happy with the low-to-mid transition in the CC8 version.


It would be nice if somone knew how to modify the XMB files, because shaping each sound sample is one thing; but having to shoe-horn each WAVE component to blend and meld properly to satisfy the parameters of the controlling XMB, is inefficient and an irritation. In some ways, it's sort of like rotating the wall to tighten a screw. Also, due to TDU's limitations, samples degrade in quality and try to get hinky when you edit them for this game, and trying to get them loud enough is a royal pain.


Not to mention the relative volume is set within the XMB. Any clues where and how to change it in the hexidecimal? Would be nice to be able to turn that up rather than only being able to adjust with the WAVE amplitude which leads to clipping right away.


Anybody has any advice I'm all ears.


Like I said, I use these for the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo and any of the Koenigseggs. Might also be OK for vehicles such as Mercedes SLR (no wastegate sound in the "turbo" whine so it's plausible as supercharger) or one of the SC Saleen 'stangs or maybe McLaren MP4-12C, among others.


I got a bunch of other sound files that I've either reworked from the originals or am working on from other samples. In time I may release some of them.


Thanks for reading my dissertation on these whopping 400- 500-some kilobyte files. Have a nice day.



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Thanks for the compliments!


I'll try to make the El Camino a priority if I get around to messing with any sounds in the near future. I'm thinking naturally aspirated for that one, no turbo effects. Like you say, it would need an "old school" sound, a little low crackle like a 383 or have a more choppy rumble like a four-barrel-carbed 454 or something. I'll dig around and see if I can come up with anything that sounds right. Maybe I can try to pull something together in the coming days.


Thanks again for the feedback.

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It's really a pity that a lot of body forget to search a very good sound for a vehicle when they DL a new model.


For me, the result can be x 10 if you have a really realistic sound with a high poly model.


Good rims, good model, yes, but don't forget a GOOD SOUND !


And here, we have a guy who know his "job"...


I'll come back soon to see your next project.


Good luck !

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Nice .. Maybe you could do both versions ?? :) Because there were two versions of 454's - the LS5 and LS6 (360 and 450 bhp) So I expect some kind of difference in the sounds :P But anyway can't wait for them <3 But I just can't figure it out why it's delaying so much . I have uploaded the physics for the El Camino like 2-3 days ago and still nothing... But anyway we are counting on you :)

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Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement.


Chevy big-blocks seem to be in demand! I am starting to work on it. I've been sifting through sounds for 454's, 502's, and 572's. (You know, the ones that require a fuel-truck to travel alongside you in order to make it from one gas-station to the other.)


Please bear with me: I am relatively new at this, and it's a very time-consuming "learning" process for me, and I don't always have the time to spare.


One of the problems is finding good, clean, rich-sounding samples with steady throttling at various points across the rpm band. I've been hunting around looking for good sounds, and so far it's a lot of sifting and a lot of mix-and-match. Then, you have to "pull" select segments from these samples and clean them up, equalize them and so forth, and get them to loop cleanly (the looping part can sometimes turn into a trial-and-error process because of constraints and idiosyncrasies associated with the 4-bit ADPCM WAVE format that TDU requires).

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