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Hey there, here we are then TDU2 modding becoming a real reality and with everyday that's passing modders are getting their hands into even more spaces and areas where they shouldn't but thankfully are. Before you delve right in and start downloading and trying to install and then coming back here and crying or shouting at the mod author there are a few things you should remember.


1) Always BACKUP any files you may be changing or overwriting, so that if something does go wrong reverting back to a working situation is at least somewhat possible. This may not always be the case though and remember that modding is usually hassle free but that doesn't mean there isn't instances where things go wrong so be prepared for a reinstall if possible.


2) Bear (not grizzly kind!) in mind that any file changes may be detected by the game or server and a prompt pertaining to this or getting kicked off the TDU2 server may occur. Mods for the most part should be enjoyed offline only, but due to a large part of the greatness of TDU2 being the online aspect it's understandable some or many of you may wish to do so, just be aware that the server might not want you on it due to some mods you use.


3) You are not allowed to sell Modifications that are not of your own full creation; any Intellectual Property rights you do not have permission to use cannot be used for commercial purposes and all modifications posted are merely for PERSONAL USE only.


4) DO NOT ASK for files from the TDU2 Installer or any files that come with TDU2 once installed, if you forgot to backup then that's your problem unfortunately!


5) turboduck, it's owner and/or it's Staff is not liable for any damage or loss of income or expense that may be experienced by your use of the Mods you find on our forums or downloaded via our members and their links; YOU USE THESE PROGRAMS AND MODIFICATIONS AT YOUR OWN RISK! :evil:


Modding is great for pro-longing the life and improving a title way beyond it's original, and let's face it with a title such as TDU2 that's not going to be hard. :D


Ready to go?


Ok, start by checking out the 'How to unpack TDU2 and How to install TDU2 mods...' thread FIRST!

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