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Furnaceden: 5000 rpm V8 big-block, v1.0


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Works up to 5000 rpm.


Similar to the engine sounds in the previously released "big block" three-pack. This one is geared for yet another rpm band, and features some very distinct effects and variations -- still playing around with some of those samples I gleaned from big-block engines.


My favorite part of this package is the "stereo chorus" effect that occurs as the on-mid blends into the on-high, due to just the right amount of dissonance in the overlap. I find it neat.


There are several nicely modeled cars in TDU that are set up for 5000 rpm, and I noticed that my lowest-rpm sound (6000 rpm) that I provided in the previous release, becomes almost atonal when it's restricted to a 5000-rpm car (so it's really best if you use that other one only with 6000-rpm cars or thereabouts).


So I thought I would work something out for a 5000-rpm XMB. It turned out to be another time-consuming process for me, trying to get it to sound halfway decent.


Anyway, I'm releasing this for those who may want to plug it into one of the 5000-rpm muscle cars (Challenger, Super Bee, or Firebird Trans Am, or any other muscle-car mod that's set for 5000-rpm physics).


This was a tricky and complex XMB to work with -- especially considering that it's a really short rpm band. It was a lot more complicated than I expected. This particular "master" XMB file instructs some REALLY WEIRD "blends" and applies some really idiosyncratic processing effects onto the samples. It processes the "off gas" samples so that there's a profound bassy undertone superimposed across the "let-off" range, and when you apply the throttle the "off gas" samples seem to blend with the corresponding "on gas" samples in a particularly prominent manner. The trick was to keep it from getting too messy and to tweak the EQ and tonal textures of the samples so that they blended with some congruity.


It would be nice to be able to directly tweak and adjust the XMB file which governs the samples for each sound package. But good luck trying to piece together that puzzle. If anyone has worked their way around one of those XMB's, I wish they would post a few clues here.


Next project maybe I'll try something for a more exotic car. We'll see. Time to go out and find samples from a different kind of engine....


5000-rpm sound, using Dodge Challenger -- Cragar wheels courtesy of wagnerpsc (in my low-res vid everything looks sucky, these rims look kick-ass in-game)



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