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thunderhawk17382: Audi RS6 Avant v1.2 (orig. TDU2) + MTM RS6R v1.1

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Audi RS6 Avant + MTM RS6R

Vehicle replaced: Audi RS6 Avant

Edited by: thunderhawk17382 - Member of J/T Tuning

Original model and textures by: Atari/Eden (TDU2)

Thanks to: Djey, Oleg, Knyazev, RacerS, Minime891, Tool831, Speeder, Guys from Xentax Forum and the forgotten.

Used Tools:



Make sure you are running TDU2 unpacked! -

Follow the guide in TDU2-Wiki

Backup your files and read the included readme-file!

To enjoy this mod (specially the indicators), TDU2 Cam V1.3.1 by RacerS is mandatory!

Attention: Additional informations about the installation of the rims (MTM V1.1) in readme-file (you have to replace Q7-rims)!




general TDU2-features (let me know, if something is incorrect or missing!)

Indicators @ dashboard



None known












Audi RS6 Avant: v1.2 - 29/Jan./2012

- fixed bug on reflection under the car


MTM RS6R: v1.1 - 21/Jan./2012

- fixed bug on reflection under the car

- bigger brakediscs and new calipers on front axle.

- first version of mtm-rims.


MTM RS6R: v1.0 - 05/Dec./2011

- frontlight bugfix (activated part while braking) + working indicators @ dashboard

- at the front: removed RS6 badge, spoiler lip in carbon

- at the rear: moved RS6 badge, added mtm badge, diffusor in carbon, 4-pipe exhaust


Audi RS6 Avant: v1.0 - 04/Dec./2011

- frontlight bugfix (activated part while braking) + working indicators @ dashboard




Audi RS6 Avant v1.2.zip - Google Drive

TDU2 MTM RS6R v1.1.zip - Google Drive


If these downloads are not working, please contact me via 24g8zlu.jpg or private message.


Terms of use:

- The models, skins and other files are for private use only

- Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited

- All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners

- If you wish to edit this modification and publish the edited version, just follow the additional terms "Simple-Fair-Handle-Agreement".



- 3D-Files must be published "unlocked" under this agreement.

- It is allowed to edit the modification. - In a new publication, changes must be registered in the included readme file. (with the name of the author)

- The modification must pass under the same conditions.

- It's not allowed to delete original parts of the readme-file, especially not the original authors.


Have fun!

Best regards


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@PollishFreaky: Everything should be explained in the included readme-file. - PLEASE read it and try it!

If you run into trouble, come back post here or pm me (ofcourse you can write german in second case).



thanks - Dreamed of this at TDU1-Modding-times ... after TDU2-Beta and this missing feature, it was my first idea to create this (if import/export is available)

I was really happy when I saw , that tool and reventon added this feature to their conversions. Perhaps i will upgrade more original cars.


best regards


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Thanks speeder! - yeah it's a shame ... I would imagine that they had no time for this or they have noticed that players wouldn't notice without adjustable seats/cam.


@Djey: I was never really gone. You certainly know - sometimes you have soooo much to do and simply not enough time. :D (real life, work behind the scenes of J/T Tuning forum and other stuff)

I'm also still trying to bring one of my favorite cars (in real) for TDU1. :dance:

Anyway, thanks for your comment!



You have to post in english here. (I said you could write german in private messages.) ;)

But good to see, that you've managed it yet.:)

You are welcome!


best regards


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@All: Thanks for your comments!

As we all know, we're all just human (except TDUCk :D) - So I was a bit excited, to present you my first little cookie for TDU2.

As a result, I've forgotten to list a few things (in first post & readme-file).

To the affected: Sorry!


So I've updated the first post and uploaded a new archive to the server. Note: There's no reason to reload the file, the mod is untouched.


@Incognito: Eleanor for TDU2 is already in my mind. ;) - But for now I can't make promises.


EDIT: Next (of course) little cookie is out. MTM RS6R v1.0 released


Best regards

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Thanks guys!

@minime: Exactly what it should be! :) Primarily this is done for me, just want to share it.


@incognito: Oh no, these are really just small changes - and tested a few days ago. Collecting all necessary informations (for the users), creating readme-files/pictures, creating archives and other stuff actually needs more time, such as to create a mod like this.

people like tool, reventon, minime, tduzoqqer (and others) - these are fast. (from my point of view) ;)


best regards

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