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Test Drive Unlimited 2 DLC2 + Fixes Announced *PC 12/04*

Will you buy TDU2 DLC2?  

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  1. 1. Will you buy TDU2 DLC2?

    • Of course. I support this game despite everything.
    • I'll see what it provides (if anything) before deciding.

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## UPDATE: 2012-03-08 | First Official Bike Image shown ##

Wall Photos | Facebook


## UPDATE: 2012-03-01 | Small update regarding DLC2 ##


A lot of your fellow players have pointed this out but I know you are looking for an offical word. We are still working to get DLC2 ready for final release, at this date there is no confirmed release date.


Some folks have referenced the December 7th, 2011 post:

“The exact date of release hasn’t been determined yet but it’s looking to be in February 2012."



At the time of posting, this was looking like a possible date, but due to the scale of the new features we’re implementing this is no longer the case. We don’t have a date we can announce, but as soon as we do you guys will be the first to know.


DLC2 is close. It is up and running and looks great, but we need to be very sure that we’re fully QA’d, polished up and ready to go. Atari and Eden are doing everything we can to get the new content out as soon as possible, but we need to get everything running perfectly before we unleash it on the road. We can only ask for your patience as we work to get it out the digital door.


We love the dedication, commitment and passion of the TDU2 community and we want to keep everyone happy, but please hang with us while we get you the best content possible for this game we all love!


Source: DLC2 Status Update - Test Drive Unlimited 2 Forums


Just saw this posted by Meixy at TDU2.com


Hey TDU2 Players,


Here are the DLC2 details! That means more content and more fixes for TDU2! (Note: The exact date of release hasn’t been determined yet but it’s looking to be in February 2012). Early next year experience your new bike first hand or take your new Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR for a spin! Check out all new vehicles, items, and enhancements down below.


List of content that will be included in the DLC2:





Bikes are in place! Run to the bike dealer to buy an Harley Davidson or a Ducati. With the release of bikes, 16 new multiplayer challenges reserved for bikes were added.


3 Bikes

• Ducati Desmosedici RR (mA1)

• Ducati Diavel Carbon (mA1)

• Harley Davidson Fatboy Lo (mA2)


The Official Racing Center (O.R.C.) is available and gives you access to 3 new challenges every week.


New Spots:

• 1 new Bike Dealer

• Update The Community Racing Center (C.R.C.) spot

• Clothes Shop for Brands


6 Cars

• Corvette ZR1

• F599XX

• Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR

• Ferrari 250 GTO

• Ferrari F40

• Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series




New sets of Clothes

• Fashion

• High Life

• StreetsWear

• Sportswear

• Atari

• Privilege

• Pacha


14 Sets of Furniture

• Pop-balls

• Videogames

• Barroco

• Tetramino

• Carmania

• Yacht

• Etnik

• Vintage

• Tortilla

• Ossikle

• Waive

• Travel

• Origami

• Flower Power




Additional Enhancements

• Player could change vehicles position in house/garage

• Map: Instant Island change

• Headlight Control

Session management

• Tuning update

• Force Feedback – Enhanced Force Feedback Management

• Support Thrustmaster Wheels

• Support D-Box Device



Race On.


Source: DLC2 Details Released - Test Drive Unlimited 2 Forums

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Headlight control & force feedback? Maybe I'll see if I'll download this after all.... :hmmm:


E: Of course if it's free. I'm not too keen on the bikes so if I had to pay for them, no chance :p The F40 sounds good though :hmmm:


Atari, you've messed up my head. Happy now? :panic:

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Considering the team they have I'd say it's not too bad and even though it's at least 2 months away it's promising to see them considering or teasing potential asks such as the Garage moving, bikes and FFB fixes and support. If they were smart and that's a big if this will be free (they can't charge for fixes so I believe it will be free) and the reason is simple.


Release for free and provide what people are asking for to get people buying the game again, getting new people to buy it and also get people back to playing as then you have a greater audience for future premium content. Going down the paid for road with DLC2 would be stupid as people are looking to DLC2 to bring them back to the game and they aren't going to want to pay for something they may not like especially considering how they have been treated and also how long it has taken for this to come.


Of course server stability has to be done along with this if they really want to see TDU2 take off again.

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I'm happy to see they haven't abandoned this game just yet, but seriously, am I the only one dissapointed with DLC2? Not only it's coming sometime in February 2012. (!), it's far from quality content too. When they've said we'll get new cars, I've kinda expected to get far more than those 6, of whom some are already ingame. Clothes? Furniture? Come on, it's boooring. And what's with just 3 bikes? IMO, I've really hoped DLC2 would blow our minds away with it's epicness, but instead, we just get a massive headache. It's nice to see improvements with better Force Feedback, vehicle managment, and headlight controls... but overall this is far from great.

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I've really hoped DLC2 would blow our minds away with it's epicness, but instead, we just get a massive headache.


so it did giva a blow to ur mind huh? just not the correct one


but i agree with you i expected a major fix like with GT5 the SPEC II updtae and with a few cars which werent already on the game >.>

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I already said this in the TDU2 Forums, anyway


Just 3 bikes, lol I expected a bit more then this :mad:

Also 6 "new" cars (actually they are already in game since Explo DLC) and there is already a F40 mod...

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I agree but this is why I believe this will be free and they will use the popularity and activity from after it to determine where to go with the premium content. I mean think about it TD Ferrari (TDF) is out the following month so it would be either the perfect way for them to end any and all support for the game and move onto TDF or continue to earn the respect by supporting TDU2 and using the money generated by TDF and DLC sales to support both titles.


If they charge for DLC2 then I believe what's left of the TDU2 community will just go onto something else as I can't see that many actually paying for it. So the quicker they confirm the pricing of it if any the better.

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There's nothing there that'd persuade me to dust off my TDU2 case, if it's free then fair play good on them for putting at least the minimum effort into supporting the game, if it's $$$ then they're having a complete larf and I hope absolutely no one buys it.

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I don't care about bikes, but I was expecting to see more than just 3. ZR1 was in DLC 1, so most of the work must've been enhancements, spots and clothing. F40 and FFB sound intersting, will probably be enough to get me to try the game out, but that doesn't mean I'll play it for more than a week like I did with the last DLC if the physics aren't sufficiently improved.


Yet another waiting game. :)

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Sounds ok, but I'll wait 'till they fix up the physics. This has been a huge complaint for almost a year, and they still haven't done anything to it.


Also, just 3 bikes and 6 cars? They're spending more time on the things we don't much care for.

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i'm not even sure what to think. yes, the Ferrari F40 and 250 GTO sound good, and also the Harley, but other than that i'm not really excited. i'm happy to see they havent given up yet, but i dont think i'll waste my money. only gunna get it if its free.

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Looks promising!


But why did they not put more cars and bikes?


They have put more clothes and furniture, I don`t give a damn about it and I think many people here agree with me...


If it`s going to be free it`s worth to try it.

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I just find it annoying that they're focussing more on clothes and furniture than the actual cars / driving aspects of the game, as usual.


This is meant to be a driving game FIRST and a social / lifestyle thing SECOND for god's sake!

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      Hello, if you have a savegame of tdu 2 with bikes please upload it on the game front / mediafire.
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      TDU2:UP v0.4
      March 31, 2014

      The main target of this project is to fix many little bugs which were left by developers.
      Since Eden Games is closed we shouldn't count on them. I've came to the idea, that it would be awesome to bring the features of abandoned :( Community Patch back to TDU2.
      Generally this patch is fixing car's specific bugs - like Lotus Evora gear ratios, Audi Q7 collapsing into tarmac etc. In most cases changes in car's physics are minimal so the vehicles should preserve old driving feeling and performance.
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      TDU2: Unofficial Patch also provides easy access to vehicles (through dealerships) which were not included in the game. New vehicles have improved physics and balanced performance - player without TDU2UP would still have a chance of winning in multiplayer race using only official vehicles from the same segment. The first release of the patch contains cars like 370z Nismo or HotRod which are well known to some players but were never accessible without a special knowledge. Depending on the interest there is a possibility to include much more vehicles (for example Pagani Zonda R, Koenigsegg Agera or Audi Quattro S1) in future releases. The only condition is that there has to be a high quality model made by talented modder who will want to include his modification in patch installer.
      To benefit from all the goods of Unofficial Patch you will will need to unpack the game but anyone who don't want to unpack can install slightly limited version of the patch which was prepared especially for unmodified game. If anyone have questions or problems with the mod feel free to ask in this thread.
      More info about this project here: http://tdu2.ml
      Site for poles: http://forum.drivecenter.pl
      Site for russians: -- DEAD LINK REMOVED --


      BAC Mono (model by StarGT, sound by shadee43)
      Chevrolet Camaro SS 69' (model by StarGT, sound by shadee43)
      Dodge Ram SRT-10 (model by Nightwolf & StarGT)
      Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R (model by StarGT)
      Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 (model by Minime891, sound by Jorgemodek)
      Lamborghini Galalrdo LP 570-4 (model by Minime891, sound by Jorgemodek)
      Toyota Supra Twin Turbo (model by Minime891, sound by Jorgemodek)
      TVR Cerbera Speed 12 (model by StarGT, sound by shadee43)
      Secondary set of rims for Nissan R34 GT-R
      Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (model by StarGT)
      Chrysler 300C SRT8 Police (model by StarGT)
      Ferrari F12berlinetta (model by Minime891, sound by Jorgemodek)
      Ferrari F430 (model by Reventon09)
      Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 (model by StarGT)
      Nissan R34 GT-R (model by Vitality997, sound by shadee43)
      Saleen S5S Raptor (model & sound by StarGT)
      Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Competition (model by StarGT, sound by shadee43)
      Spyker D12 Peking-To-Paris (model by StarGT)
      Lamborghini Countach 5000QV - available in Italian Classics Dealership on O'ahu (model by Xarlith)
      Shelby GT500KR - available in World Classics Dealership on O'ahu (model by StarGT)
      Chrysler 300C SRT8 - available in U.S. Cars Dealership (south) on O'ahu (model by StarGT)
      Hot Rod - available in World Classics Dealerships on O'ahu
      Spyker C8 Aileron - available in European Cars Dealership (south) on O'ahu
      Audi R8 4.2 FSI quattro - available in Audi Dealership (south) on O'ahu
      Nissan 370z Nismo - available in Asian Cars Dealership on O'ahu
      Ford Mustang V6 Premium - available in U.S Cars Dealership (south) on O'ahu
      PNJ Clothes - NPC clothes store on O'ahu
      New plates
      Polish translation of DLC2 content


      Higher rewards for winning Cup challenges
      Million Dollar reward for winning a multiplayer race around O'ahu
      750k $ reward for winning a multiplayer race around Ibiza
      Sell car price reduced by 20%
      New vehicle plates (by fussel)
      All vehicules paintable
      All vehicules stickerable
      Rearranged all vehicles placement in salons
      Intro movie disabled
      Carwash fee reduced to 20$

      New bugs can be reported on this site (page Report a bug).

      TDU2: Unofficial Patch v0.4 (for unpacked game)
      Mediafire | Mirror
      TDU2: Unofficial Patch v0.3b -> v0.4 UPDATE
      Mediafire | Mirror
      TDU2: Unofficial Patch v0.1c (for retail game)
      Mediafire | Mirror
      TDU2: Unpacker GUI
      Patch applies to every legal and updated copy of TDU2 including EN/ES/FR/GE/IT, EN/PL, and EN/RU versions. EN/JA version is supported only for unpacked version.


      If you don't want your new cars turn into Miami's Mustangs DO NOT run TDU2 without Unofficial Patch. If you have to run packed game install TDU2UP for retail, or at least backup your savegame!

      If you want to publish this modification on another site please contact me via PM and do not change download link!


    • By Wiedidog
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