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Flash Game Player of the Week (FGPotW)

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To get a bit more gaming rivalry going on without having to worry about platform, it's time we find some cool flash games that have leaderboards and compete. The person with the highest score gets to pick next weeks flash game.



General rules.

1. Pick games that don't take forever to play. 5-10 minutes is best (plus more time for however often you want to compete).

2. You must enter your name on the leaderboard the same way your username appears on these forums.

3. Post a screenshot here of your score, or what level you got up to. If you improve your score, edit your first pic.

4. Don't tease other members about how rubbish they are at a certain game unless it's Mellors. :D

5. If you win, wait for a PM, asking what game to use next week, make sure it's safe for work (lunch break).



Week 1 - Drifting Championship - Winner: paradox8831

Week 2 - Crash Bandicoot 2 - Winner: ___________

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Don't you have to drive through all the checkpoints though?.


Might have to implement a 'must have at least 20,000 drift points to qualify' rule :p


Trust me I did go through all check points and I did get a score of around 60 thousand or something.


That time and drift point score that I just posted was from a different attempt.

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Guest MrLolololXD

Yeeees Ant Buster is the best flash game ever :msuh3:


My highest level ever is 65 which I achieved last night lol

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