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Official [somewhat] Annual TDUCk Awards MMXI


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    Hey all, here we are then at the end of another year and as is customary when we forget to do something the previous year, we do it the next which is here and now, the present so to speak. So yeah, anyway if you have been around the block (hey now!) you will remember the last time we did this it was a big success and it drained about a week of my life getting the damn award badges done. So of course I will be doing this again and because of this I HATE YOU ALL!!! :evil:


    Alright so here's how it's going to work. Over the next week we will be taking down suggestions and ideas for awards to have and after that week we will then have 2-3 weeks of voting for those categories where on our 5th Birthday (1st February MMXII) the winners will be announced and hunted down and lovingly smothered in Lurpak.


    Unfortunately due to the abhorrent failure of TDU2 there will unfortunately not be categories for Best Driver, Worst Driver, No Sense of Direction and other in-game funny choices that we've previously had due to the fact that no-one here really actually plays the game.


    So without further ado here we go.


    Community Muppets


    Best Member

    Funniest Member

    Duh Member

    Most Helpful Member

    Most Floored Member

    Most TDUCk

    Easily Amused

    Easily Bmused

    Easily Cmused

    Most Horizontal

    Most Scatman

    Always Up for a Laugh


    Community Choices


    Best Game MMXI

    Worst Game MMXI

    Most Disappointing Game MMXI

    Most Fun with Mates MMXI

    Best Car MMXI

    Worst Car MMXI


    Best Avatar

    Best Sig

    Worst Andai


    Best Bacon

    Chatbox Resident

    Big Spender

    Most Loyal

    Best Random Name Change

    Best Staff (Mod, Super Mod, Admin categories)

    Most Gullible

    Mr Magoo (blindly follows)

    Austin Powers (IMoA)


    Mr/Mrs SPAM

    Best Car "Pap"

    Best Car "Pap" Spot


    Werst Spealere

    Community Spirit

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    After having a few TDU1 nav races I can still easily nominate someone for 'No sense of direction' :p

    Maybe you guys should do some more TDU1 events on the X360 between now and whenever so you can bring those back?



    Now to think of more categories :think:

    Member most addicted to the Chatbox

    Big Spender (what you Purchased thread)

    Most loyal (supporters)

    Member with the best ideas for the site

    Beta tester (reports lots of site bugs)

    Best non-requested username change

    Best modder (sound, vehicle, environment categories)

    Best Staff (Mod, Super Mod, Admin categories)

    Most Gullible

    Blind follower

    Man of Mystery award


    Is that enough?

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