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BEWARE - Demo Released!

Soul Challenger

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Same to you Soul, got a feeling this one could be a BIG one for you. :)


Thank you! If all goes well, it should be the year where you finally get to play this :)


Read that by the Guardian, damn this game is going to be a great experience





A short n' comfy drive through the woods: x08IoKs.gif

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Was that a whole family on board?


Babies :D





Is it possible to retain the mood while decreasing the grain effect?


Better antialiasing could help. Also the youtube compression makes it look more grainy than it is.




Also started tweaking the engine sound:



...it's really not obvious to get it to sound like the real thing:





And finally, a new test using real volumetric lights:



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The atmosphere and visual style is really dramatic and fits the game beautifully. I agree with the above about the tire noise but apart from that I trust in what you and those you are working with to keep doing what you're doing, as your vision and application has been on point throughout.

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Looks very ambitious and i would foreward it to my clubmembers, since we are all about drivinggames. But before i do that, and i'm pretty sure it will be the first question i get thrown in the face, does it have wheelsupport already? (Maybe a stupid question, but since noone of us - except one - is playing with pad or keyboard, it could be the first argument for them to say "let's wait". All of us are driving with wheel.)

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