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Test Drive Unlimited 2: Community Patch

What would be useful for the Community Patch v0.2?  

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  1. 1. What would be useful for the Community Patch v0.2?

    • Buyable club cars
    • Buyable reward cars
    • Buyable Hot Rod
    • Buyable School Cars
    • Add hidden clothes (such as Hawai t-shirt)
    • Enable the paint and stick for all the car (by the database)
    • Enable tuning for all the car
    • Fix the Dirt of every retail cars
    • Optimize TDU2 quality settings

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Speeder I would watch if you plan to do those options that entail unlocking hidden vehicles or allowing people to buy the Club Cars as Atari/Eden may search for these things in the future. Your current project is going well, don't divert it to the dark side.

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Now that DLC 2 has been released, there seems to have been no changes to the driving physics, and there seems to be worse force feedback than before. I have added to the to-do list on the wiki both the force feedback effects and the clutch. For those of us with wheel setups, the clutch is just an on/off switch instead of a realistic one as in TDU 1. I don't have the know-how to change these things myself, but I would love to help out with the community patch in any other way possible. One other thing I would like to say is that when new updates are released in the future, it would be a good idea to add dates to the changelog. Great work, Speeder!

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That is great. If it is as simple as doing tracks in Trackmania, I'd do a Nordschleife. Driving a Mustang with TDU2's bad physics on the Ring could be psycho.


lol its not gonna be anything like doing tracks in track mania.. Track mainia was made to have this kind of thing done to it. TDU isnt.

Would be like comparing building a real ferrari to building a go kart from a plank of wood and bike wheels. Nothing at all similar about the two processes.

Gotta love the enthusiasm though :) well done

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I don't mean to rush people for their mods, but what's the progress on this so far?


This was the only one (aside from the brake fixes) that actually tried to do something with the gameplay in this game. That's really the only thing on my mind as of now, and I'm very anxious to try out the new patch, just for the physics.cpr.

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