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Putting this up cause Super hasn't - trying to give you guys enough time to sign up! ;)


TDUCk Community Playtime

*Basically we'll do all kinds of other stuff than racing in FM4

*Kicking things off is a cruise around Fujimi

*After that we'll play some tag and soccer and do photoshoots

*3PM GMT on (atleast most) Sundays (though we can sometimes try different times so that different people get in too)

*The event lasts (depending on people) about 2 hours so if you can make it at like 4PM, be sure to join us!


Rules for the Cruise:

*There's a speed limit of 80kph, which is about 50mph

*The speed limit MUST be obeyed (well, on the back straight it's allowed to go a little bit faster, if you can keep your car under control )

*Also, stick to the left lane.

*At the waterfall parking spots we'll stop for a photo, after that we'll change the order of the line (leader goes last, and the last person leads the pack)

*Try to keep it clean

*Overtaking is allowed, AS LONG AS YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE! Do NOT overtake if you're not 100% sure you'll make it through clean.


*There's 2 teams, red and blue. You can change your team by pressing A on your name and choosing "change player team".

*If the sides seem to be unbalanced, try to balance them out. They might not go even every time but as long as they're as balanced as possible, then it's fine.


*Remember that lag can and probably will occur.

*On some weeks we might have a theme, for example muscle cars or italian supercars for the cruise.

*If you have a mic, use it if possible.

*Play fair and have fun!


This week's theme (for the cruise and possible photoshoots) is your favourite FM4 car (since this didn't go well last time, we're giving it another go)



1: Clarence (Skylark Gaming)

2: Lady Gaga (Shaftweasel)

3: Timbud (Timbud)

4: flo (forza4live)

5: SuperHyper (SuperSanttu94)? lol

6: CarbonCactus (CarbonCoffeee)











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Count me in! Not sure what car I'll use...theres alot of car's I like! :P


Also, about next week we could use Vintage racers? Years up to 1969, The Aston DBR1, Jag D-Type, Ferrari Tesstrossa and the like. Or have a classic road car spec'd for racing, and they have to be Stickered up?

But My suggestion! :D

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