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How to increase traffic in TDU 2


In general, for racing games, traffic is bad, useless thing. Drivers to maneuver between the cars, stall or even lose control of driving.


But for a gaming world the number of traffic is low. This is especially felt in the urban environment. Streets and roads are deserted, and there are no pedestrians. Very boring and depressing atmosphere.


Is there any way to increase the number of traffic in the game? Maybe the settings file? Which and how?











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yeah, I have been trying a few changes to that cpr without much luck.. although I did get a few tractors in town (not really a success :/)


Cant see how to just up the density in general.


ok.. so this is all configured in the GamePC.cpr and not specific to each island.

Have managed to increase traffic by maybe 3 times... although my tweaked settings look more like 100 times. quite a few variables in there though so just need to set it up correctly.

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Island Data Root File


Each Root File is located in the root folder of each island (Ibiza.bnk Hawai.bnk or Casino.bnk). It includes every data about island network and details.


(island = Ibiza/Hawai/Casino/Dubai)


island.2dm/3dd/3dg -> Island Borders

island-o.2dm/3dd/3dg -> Ocean Borders

island-c.2db -> Island Map

island.pen -> Area data

island.pzn -> Area SubName (e.g. Pearl City; Kuliouou; Wahiawa; Stadium)

island.psa -> May contain data for each type of area (city, forest...)

island_ROAD_DETAIL.IA -> May contain data about kind of track (dirt, road...)

island_ROAD_MAP -> May contain data about network shows on the map


Which file to edit? What are the options?

What program?

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aiconfig.cpr just determines the frequency of vehicle type that will appear... you don't seem to change the amount of actual traffic on the roads with it.


In GamePC.cpr you have a range of settings for maximum ai vehicles and the spawn times etc.


some of the code..



// VehicleMaxCount is the hard limit of simultaneous AI vehicles
// But you can set TrafficMaxCount+ParkedMaxCount > VehicleMaxCount
// Example: vehicle=16 traffic=16 parked=8
//  -> you can spawn up to 16 traffic if no parked vehicles on the area,
//     but only spawn up to 8 traffic if 8 parked are here
//     and 0 parked cars if 16 traffic cars are already spawned
[b]VehicleMaxCount					=	16
TrafficMaxCount					=	8
ParkedMaxCount					=	6[/b]

// Maximum count of Traffic AI that will be physics enabled at the same time
[b]PhysicsMaxCount					=	16[/b]

// 1st radius: Traffic cars inside this radius will switch to physics (for a max. of PhysicsMaxCount cars)
// 2nd radius: Removable cars outside this radius will be uninstaciated
// fov dist.: Visibility coef is ponderated by [1..0] when dist to camera is [0..fov_dist]
// fov magnitude: not used, apart for debug tests
//							1st radius		2nd radius		fov dist.	fov magnitude
CullingConfig				100			200				1000		45

//							Ratio Visible	MinTimeInterval	MaxTimeInterval
[b]SpawnConfig					0.6				0.001				0.002[/b]

// Traffic cars will appear all around the player car, on a circle which radius will be:
//   radius = speed * reaction_time
//   radius clamped such as:  min_spawn_dist < radius < max_spawn_dist
//							Reaction Time	Min Spawn Dist	Max Spawn Dist
SpawnDistances				4				200				400

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I think there is a further limit of traffic cars in one area (permitted by the game). In TDU 1, when you are playing offline, try to instant - race against the AI cars in free run mode, and then, while you are racing, traffic cars seem to be 2x than in the normal free run.

I believe TDU2 has a similar engine for traffic thingies.

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so there are 2 thing


1) in island aiconfig.cpr

2) GamePC.cpr


in aiconfig i raised everything on 99 no big deal in game


i think GamePC affects on traffic things like (VehicleMaxCount; TrafficMaxCount; ParkedMaxCount) and spawn settings

I can't set normal SPAWN settings, i need help in that



traffic really increased,but i think we can get more

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Simple and straight.

Download TDUdecGUI mod...you will find it.

Open it and read instruction FIRST.

After reading instruction you will know what to do.

But anyhow let me go through it.

STEP-1 SELECT GamePC.cpr file

STEP-2 Decrypt it.

STEP-3 Click text editor

STEP-4 Scroll the notepad and you will reach a point where written max vehicle count

STEP-5 Select desired number of the trafficmaxcount

STEP-6 Save it, close notepad and in TDUdecGUI, click swap and click execute.

Open the game bro... 


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