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Indicators on dashboard - various cars (14)

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Files were created for DLC Explo v0.27!


Involved: thunderhawk17382 & Szabi1991

Thanks to: Szabi1991, Djey, Oleg, Knyazev, tomsolo, RacerS, Minime891, Tool831, Speeder, Guys from Xentax Forum and the forgotten.

Special thanks to "bug-reporters": kporys, Draps, FranckRibery

Used Tools:

Since these are only files for testing, I actually presuppose that you know what to do with the files.

But anyhow - unpack TDU2 - backup your savegame - backup/replace the file(s).


TDU2 Camera Hack by RacerS should be helpful. After moving your cam-position, it can sometimes lead to flickering arrows (in some angles). Just move the cam slightly.

You will find latest "upgraded" cars (with indicators on dashboard).


EDIT 04/01/16: New download


  • 23/Jan./2012
    • Audi R8 V10 Coupe v0.1

  • 24/Jan./2012
    • Audi S5 v0.1

  • 25/Jan./2012
    • Audi RS5 v0.1
    • VW Golf 6 GTI v0.1

  • 28/Jan./2012
    • VW Touareg v0.1

  • 25/Feb./2012
    • -DEAD- Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano + China Edition by Szabi1991 -DEAD-

  • 11/March/2012
    • Mercedes SLS v0.2 - "brakediscs lost" is fixed
    • Audi S3 v0.2 - "indicators brighter while lights on" should be fixed

  • 12/March/2012
    • Audi Q7 V12 v0.4 - "brighter while using the flasher" is fixed -- "indicators brighter while lights on" should be fixed also

  • 13/March/2012
    • Ferrari 458 Italia v0.5 by Szabi1991 - "exhaust-pipes" changed

  • 14/March/2012
    • Mercedes ML 63 AMG v0.1

  • 16/March/2012
    • Audi Q7 Inuit v0.1
    • Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2 v0.1

  • 9/April/2012
    • Alfa Romeo MiTo v0.1

  • 10/April/2012
    • Nissan GTR v0.1


Have fun!

Best regards


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On your video on youtube that indicators in S3 look great. I will testing it tomorrow:) I have one observation - this open roof. Is it in your mod? :)


Edit: I tested it and I must say one word - BEAUTIFUL !! Indicators in R8 are pretty good. I think it mustn't be beta :) You can start new projects, for example Audi S5 and Audi Q7 :D

PS. Roof in S3 are very good because in night indicators are turn ON, all time :)

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Thanks for testing. - These are betas, cause testing every little detail takes a lot of time. (that i don't have) - For example: I haven't noticed the reflection bug on RS6 & MTM.

More cars already "started". While I am writing on this system, on the other sys. an unchanged but imported/exported S5 is waiting in the garage. ;) Added indicators already but ended with messed up textures.


  • Audi Q7
    = checked position @ youtube
  • Aud S5
    = checked position @ youtube -- created/moved arrows to correct form/position -- textures edited
  • VW Golf 6 GTi
    = checked position @ int.-file -- created/moved arrows to correct form/position
  • VW Touareg
    = checked position @ youtube


S3 sunroof was only a gimmick, perhaps we can create moving sunroofs in the future. ... Indicators aren't "ON" at night, they are brighter as they should. ;) - Haven't figured out, how this works / why this happens. But nevertheless, thanks.


Best regards


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@kporys: Thanks!

Regarding the arrows: I don't know how these should help me. I have created my arrows a long time ago and customize them to every specific car.







Regarding the S3: Then I have to look at it again! - Identify the differences between R8/RS6 and S3 ... perhaps i have missed something on the textures.



Thanks! - great when you like the little "upgrades/mods"! Waiting for your project!

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@Mercedes-Benz: Thanks! I always try :dance: - And when I'm already doing such a thing, i can try to create these indicators as real as possible (in size/position/color).


@kporys: Don't get me wrong, but i have never said that this will include all cars. Due to various reasons: Time / lack of opportunity to export convertibles/ ...

As I have stated above, checked the position/size for Touareg. :)


@all: Added Audi S5 to first posting! - Thanks for your interest!

Best regards


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Now do not need to keep changing the camera to see if it was connected or not arrows :D

I just hope to have more cars :P:whistle::whistle::whistle:

Or even for modified cars :rolleyes:

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