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The Queen

Car Spotting: What You Saw Recently! - Part 2

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Taking the idea from another forum, I thought I would try to get a topic going where people can post what they have seen recently in the way of cars or maybe something else that may interest people. Would be nice if you had proof of a sighting but if not all is not lost :D. Should be an interesting topic if it gets going and try to keep it alive ;)


Remember, what you are posting is what YOU saw and nobody else as Mb seems to forget this. ;)




Here's a BMW M3 E92 I saw at my local BMW Dealer 2 weeks ago ;)




And here is what my garden looks like at the moment as we are getting work done to the house including an extension as you can see in the picture ;)




This is a continuation thread, the old thread is [split]3039[/split] by The Queen Titled What You Saw Recently!

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I just have to post in response to Mike. You saying that made me laugh SO much, it's not even funny. :lol:


Nice to see a continuation of a thread I started. I couldn't believe the amount of pages the first had!

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Was leaving from Gamestop today and in the supermarket parking lot I saw this BMW 1M. Pretty rare car, I read only 600-800 are in the US. Not sure why it was in my area, but it looked really good



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