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The Queen

Car Spotting: What You Saw Recently! - Part 2

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someone who could buy a Maserati Ghibli, but buys a BMW, Mercedes or Audi instead.


Actually, it's just what you can expect from "common" people: They do what most people do, they don't car for charisma.

A BMW, a Mercedes or an Audi is the perfect car for somebody without an own taste...




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So a small snippet of some of the cars that was at the event...




That was't all, as more turned up later. But what all do you see :cool:


Also, self advertising here but I'll be posting more up on the Blown Turbos page rather than drip feed it all here! But if you see something in the pic above I'll see if I took a pic of it and post it here. :)

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Came across a graveyard for Vauxhall/Holden V8s..








Mainly bought and butchered for their engines. Most of them still had quite tidy (looked low mileage) interiors on them, there are about 10 more not in the pictures in varying states.

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At a guess I think they are sold on/used to help off-road racer/buggy projects instead of using the usual Land Rover V8 offerings.


A quick conversation revealed just the one guy had bought all of the cars and could sell the engines on for a pretty penny before thinking about selling the rest of the vehicle. The same guy also has a super-charged 2005 Mustang and 1996 Camaro SS sat around doing nothing, the Mustang is safe and is up for sale as it is one of a limited run, but I think the Camaro is destined for the same fate as the Vauxhalls.

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Some pics from Monte Carlo/Monaco, bear in mind I was with people so couldn't take much time to see if the photos were any good:







On the famous hairpin on the F1 track:







Engine bay of the F430 Scuderia:










The Hummer was owned by the pancake man who runs the hut next to it, which is hilarious, literally everyone in that place has money it seems:



This was a garage in Cannes, It had 8 Rolls royces, some fezza's and this Merc SLS black series.


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Saw this fantastic looking 456GT today while at the local burger van... (i'm down in Edinburgh this week)





Perfect condition inside & out and not a single mark on it. Fantastic to see one in such good nick, just a shame I never got to hear her!

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