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The Queen

Car Spotting: What You Saw Recently! - Part 2

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How much value would you say is in that pic with those two?


Surprising little for the 250 GT Lusso at the back, a silver example (perhaps the very same one) went up for auction at the Goodwood Revival in 2015 with an estimate between £1.4m - 1.8m, but is most likely worth over £2m nowadays. Considering it is probably the most elegant Ferrari ever designed, has the V12, and has the 250 name, I think that's a bit of a bargain and will be worth 8 figures or more very soon.


That Ferrari 250 GTO appears to be chassis number 4153gt which has quite a past.... it won the Tour De France Automobile in 1964 with Lucien Bianchi behind the wheel. He was Jules Bianchi's Grand-Uncle, and unfortunately they both died due to injuries sustained while racing. You can find more information on the car here: Ferrari 250 GTO - The Autobigraphy of 4153 GT


I can't find any information about 4153GT ever being sold or how much it'd be worth, but considering the racing heritage it has, I'd imagine it'd go for over £25-30m in today's market. Chassis 5111GT sold for £30m-ish in 2013, and with the exponential price inflation on 250 GTOs, I imagine this is worth more now, even if it isn't in Rosso Corsa.


That said, I do tend to watch a lot of the big classic auctions when I get the time, and the market doesn't seem to be very buoyant at the moment, It probably isn't the best time to be putting something to valuable up for sale.

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2 weeks ago I was out for a few drinks with and a few others, we herd a loud noise outside that founded very angry and fruity, with us having finished our drinks we decided to have a look on the way to the next pub...


Guys had just parked it there with the LED's left on. It deserves an award for "Worse numberplate placement".


And I blame Stella for the pose... :lol:

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