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The Queen

Car Spotting: What You Saw Recently! - Part 2

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Now I can normally attach photos so I can share some of my recent spots :D


Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, my favourite and my dream supercar <3



Aston Martin DB11 Volante V8, this color is amazing, I must say, I hjaven't seen such a cool blue shade[ATTACH=full]31643[/ATTACH]


McLaren 650S Coupe, I think it is my first spot of this model



[ATTACH=full]31647[/ATTACH] Dodge Challenger RT '73


Mercedes-AMG GLE 63S Coupe


Nissan GT-R Nismo


McLaren 720S, this photo doesn't reflect how amazing the paint looks in the sun


Mercedes-AMG GLC 63S[ATTACH=full]31653[/ATTACH]

Bentley Continental Supersports[ATTACH=full]31652[/ATTACH]

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Massive Bump! 

I've been and seen a fair bit since I lost posted here. So my highlights from 2018 are...

Porsche 911 GT2 RS (991) - Seen in Aberdeen, 2018


This is one of 2 that I know are local to the Aberdeen area. The other is a red one which regularly gets used at trackdays! 9Still to get a good photo of it!)


Bugatti Veyron WRC - Seen in Aberdeen, 2018


This one rarely comes out! Seen it twice in 3 years! 


McLaren Senna - Seen at Knockhill Racing Circuit, 2018



This one is kinda cheating, since McLaren Glasgow had a stall at Knockhill. Behind it you can see a 600LT as well. 


A favorite spot of mine from last year is this duo...


DBS drop top and pre-facelift Rapid! Owners of both were more than happy to chat and show me about the cars. 


I did spend a good bit of time in Washington & Oregon states of the US last year, this being a personal favorite of mine...


Place down the road from our accommodation when I was over in October! Mix of mostly older, but that Caddy XLR!

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Oddly the best thing of interest this year would have been a Lister LTF-666...





In recant years local events haven't been what they used to be, with GT Scotland being much, much more quiet than they were and the local circuit being much the same. As well as weather being rather Sh..


To me saying a 'modern' was the most exciting car I've seen this year is actually odd!  

Considering how in past years 918's, P1's or a 911 GT1, F50 or Enzo was a 'normal' thing for up north. This has been...meh, even for me! (And i'll get excited over a base spec Rover 100!)

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