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The Queen

Car Spotting: What You Saw Recently! - Part 2

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So the other weekend I was at a supercar meet at a cafe locally to me...


So though i'd add some spam...


Bit of the line up...



And more..but mostly the Lambo's ass...



Low Drag coupe...



Tuscan's cockpit and more of what was on offer...



And an AC Cobra with some grinning idiot giving his approval of it. ;)



Got more of the stuff that turned up later if anyone wants, or see it all at Blown Turbos. :cool:

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Is that an E Type lightweight?


I don't know what it is.


There were three original Low Drag Coupes, though, with CUT 7 tags. All of them were built for one British racing driver named lalalala Protheore. Then Jaguar built 12 Lightweight roadsters and two (I'm not sure if out of the twelve or not) had a bit different Low Drag bodies.


Now it's getting interesting: none of the Lightweights or Low Drags had those two hood ducts and side blinkers. I can't find any more pics of the E-Type Calster posted, so I guess it's a modified stock Series 1 E-Type or even a replica.

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@Robik94 : It's not a lightweight, just a low drag coupe.


The Lightweights are rare, and as Merc said the low drags are even rarer. The lightweight has a different shape, looking like the drop top E-Type but with a cheap hard top roof put on.


The one pictured, is't an original but made to be a low drag. Can't for the life of me remember who is was done by, but it would't surprise me if it was Eagle as the workman ship on it was truly stunning!

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Saw the black 599 again! This time I managed to take some photos as I stopped right behind it and then he stopped by my side. What a beautiful car, I just had to turn the radio off so I could hear the sound of that V12 downshifting... Yeah I really like the 599






I don't know if the plate was casual or if the owner choose it to. Custom plates are not legal here!


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I'm sure your car also has swirls and scratches. It's really hard not to scratch the paint.


I don't have a car. So, no, it's not scratched. Hahaha


Your dad or family then. You know what I meant.


The M3 is still in need for a polishment and treatment.


^ Don't you see it?


We were talking about your car and then without answering me you said that the M3's paint needs to be detailed. It doesn't make sense.


Nevermind, let's go back to the topic.


P.S.: You really don't have to tell me what car detailing is.

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