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tototo:O.Z Racing rims

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Welcome back tototo, nice to see you again on the forums, thought you had left haha.

What are the wheels on this Cali? Is it up there ^ .. i thought it was HRE but it doesnt look like the ones available since its thinner.



Also what is the progress on that Sports Classic you had pictures of a while ago. Along with the Alfa.

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TDU2 VehiclePropertyEditor ver2.0 Release | turboduck forum

When using make sure you set it up correctlu and make sure you run the program as administrator, if you dont run as administrator it doesnt save the changes you make. But be warned - VPE isnt fully compatible with StarGT and Mitkop81 etc.. 'Autopack' and 'Dreampack' Mod packs as they use a different database. It still works, but some cars cant be edited without changing the names of cars in Autopack, IE: When you change the name of the Dodge viper SRT10 it changes the Lamborghini Huracans name to something like Lamborghini SRT10 or something. Its fine for editing heights like you want, changing names might get complicated. Ive made a list of cars you cant edit with Autopack and VPE if youd like me to send it to you, if just includes all cars that you cant change the names ;)

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