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tototo:O.Z Racing rims

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Hey tototo!

I love your rims! They are amazing dude!


If you have any time left, can you make this rims?

Believe me, people love these rims. ;)


Black Scuderia rims:



Black Hamann rims:



Black Novitec Rosso rims, if possibly also with a black border.



You are awesome when you do this for us!

:) Hamann rims & Novitec Rosso rims is OK.

Awesome. Keep it up, man! ;)

:p Thank you for the comment!!! :p

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that's an amazing job !


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hi tototo, i am also looking for black novitec rosso rims just like sterick, so if it's possible for you to work on it, i will be verry pleased ! thank you by advance if you do that. :)

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great rims man thanks for your hard work ;-) [ATTACH]17336[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17337[/ATTACH] what about 500SL. Authentic Brabus 18 rims or the Lorinser Rims for 82 500SL euro [ATTACH]17338[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]17339[/ATTACH] you can see all the best Mercedes rims here Mercedes Benz Gallery

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