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A question for you iSheep

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I've been given a task to get a group of about 100 small images together and then make it available to a few people to load up on their smartphones.


This is super easy on my Android phone, as all I had to do was create a folder somewhere and copy all the images therein. I can later browse to that folder and scroll through the list of images to open the one I want, or view each image one at a time.



However, iOS doesn't have a visible file structure like Android, Windows, OSX, Linus, and pretty much every other popular operating system, which is making this task a massive pain. I've tried a couple of different approaches but come across obstacles each time, so if you have a solution that is free for the users, and works as well as it does on my phone, then please share.


So far I've tried:


* Creating a PDF Portfolio

This would be the easiest approach, but when I open the PDF file on my test phone, it only shows 36 of the images, with no obvious way to find or open the other files.


* Creating an ePUB file

Doable, but despite all the various attempts at getting HTML <img> code to resize the image automatically, the image always ends up being too big in landscape view.


* Use a service like box.net or Dropbox

Might not be so good for those who don't have data plans. WiFi wouldn't be available when the images are needed.


* Use another app that emulates a file structure

Possibly the way I'll have to go, but it won't be easy to set this up for everyone, especially if they're not computer literate.


* Use the iPhone's Gallery

These images aren't photos, so this might not be the best idea as it could potentially ruin the Gallery's aesthetics.

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