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Official 2011 TDUCk Awards - Results!


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Well well well, here we are then! A bit later than intended but hey we couldn't be a community mainly about an Atari centric game without screwing over our members and being very much later than we originally intended so be thankful we posted at all rather than said nothing and left you all to rot like the Red sky and White Mountain would have done. :D


So anyway after a mammoth 7mins and 23secs of vote totalling (Ry and Anders did the hard work) here are the winners and loser winners of the Official 2011 TDUCk Awards. Congrats and massive laughs to those of you listed below, you deserve what you got.




Assets of the Community :duck:


Best Member - Diablo

Funniest Member - Diablo

Most Horizontal - Baldy

Most Scatman - Diablo

Most TDUCk - TDUCk

Most Loyal - Camel

Always Up for a Laugh - Lady Gaga

Most Helpful Member - Andreaz1

Big Spender - CarMadMike

Best Staff (Mod/Super Mod/Admin) - Diablo/Camel/Ryzza5

Best Staff Overall - Camel

Best Car "Pap" - Icy J

Best Car "Pap" Spot - London

Best Bacon - Pig


Arses of the Community :cheeky:


Duh Member - flo

Most Floored Member - Baldy

Most Gullible - Milli

Easily Amused - flo

Easily Bmused - flo

Easily Cmused - Clarence

Werst Spealere - flo

Mr Magoo (blindly follows) - Lady Gaga

Austin Powers (IMoA) - Ryzza5 (haha Ryzza the 'A' stands for Arse)

Mr/Mrs SPAM - Patch


Community Best :drool: (from 2011 only!)

Best Game MMXI - Driver: San Francisco/Forza Motorsport 4/The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Most Fun with Mates MMXI - Forza Motorsport 4

Best Car MMXI - Lamborghini Aventador


Community Detest :fp: (from 2011 only!)


Worst Game MMXI - NFS: The Run

Most Disappointing Game MMXI - Test Drive Unlimited 2

Worst Car MMXI - Ferrari FF/Nissan Juke/Pagani Huayra


The Rest :para:


Best Avatar - Ryzza5

Best Sig - Andreaz1

Worst Andai - Andreaz1

Chatbox Resident - flo

Best Random Name Change - Camel



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Congratulation Diablo on finally finding 7 spare minutes to compile that xD


I will also point and laugh at everyone who spent more than 1 minute making their avatar pic :ym:

And also a :evil: for our chatbox resident and Mr Spam.


No-one knew what IMoA meant when they voted so I don't really care. I almost won Worst Andai as well - that would've been interesting.



Best Staff (Mod/Super Mod/Admin) - Diablo/Camel/Ryzza5

I'm the best Admin? :hmmm:

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