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Santtu's Vespa!


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Soo, I kinda found out that I haven't made a thread about this beauty yet :hmmm:


As many of you already know, I'm lucky enough to own a real Vespa. It's a 50cc model (you're allowed to drive 50cc mopeds in Finland when you're 15) and it's top speed on flat is just 45kph :lol: Still, epic fun to ride, especially during summertime! :cool: It's a '09 model that was bought as brand new and now it's mileage is something between 5500 and 6000 kilometers (pretty much each and every one by me).


I also use it during winters :duck:



Mirror, mirror..... by thesuperhyper, on Flickr



nom by thesuperhyper, on Flickr



depth of field by thesuperhyper, on Flickr


So yeah, I'm kinda bored atm and I guess I can post something here in the future too :hmmm:

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