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Nobby76: Complete overhaul of the radio system..


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Hey guys, i thought id share what my plans are for my next project..

Seeing as audio editing seems to be the easiest thing to change, its what im gonna stick with for a while..

That being said my next project is gonna be a complete overhaul of the radio stations...

Both radio stations and hopefully the commercials too..

Im gonna do one station for dancey type stuff like The Prodigy and apollo 440 ( cant stop the rock ) and the other station for 80's and 90's kinda rock. stuff like aerosmith, acdc, good classic driving songs, that make you wanna hang your arm out of the window while driving along.. The commercials will be the hardest part i think as ill have to make those up from scratch, but i have some funny ideas for those anyway.

" rolla cola 20 litres for £1" .. "beaver dams tampons blegh" .. "cheap lobotomy at Dr drills surgery" that kind of thing...



Around 65-ish songs in total, plus 12 commercials, 41 radio jingles, and 69 "in between songs" spots including weather notices, little comments before and after songs and various "spots" that only play at certain times of the day like sunrise or sunset.. Its a big project, but something has to be done about that horrible tracklist..


Not sure how long it will take. the music itself shouldn't take too long, i have plenty of tracks i can use. its the jingles, commercials and spots that will take a while to make.. If i put my mind to it i could have the music tracks done in a weekend, thats just converting audio to another format. but the jingles and such will have to be recorded from scratch.


It will keep me out of trouble and off the streets for a while i guess, so thats gotta be a good thing :p

Anyway, thats the plan..


Stay safe kids.. Nobby.

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