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Minime891: 1997 Honda Civic Type R V1.1


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Amazing work Minime. Nice to see you back in the real TDU, not that crap we call TDU2.



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Minime, can you help me with a little thing? I use manual installation. If I set in TDUPE 7500 redline, the car rev in 6800 (in the virtual gauge)

how the hell is this possible? i never had this problem before o.o

car mods and sound mods that can handle high rpm, so they dont rev etc, but reving in less rpm then the in PE is new for me. If I set 8400 the car revs at about 7800

is this a car problem? or something wrong in my game?

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Sorry, I don't use installer, I don't wan't to replace the Noble. My Alfa SP is the SI 97, my Brera is the VTI, and I want the Alfa GT to be your EK9 haha

And I don't use interior camera, I use the hood view, so I'm talking about the virtual gauge (thats theoretically show the real rpm in the game)


I'm using this setup:

Alfa_GT lvl0 base

7500 Redline in the PE


In the interior the RPMs do more than 8k, but in the virtual gauges, I got 6800.

If I make put 8500, I'll get 7800 on the gauges

PS: I tested in more than 1 gauge, stock alfa, mercedes clk gtr (my favorite) and the m12, it's not a gauge problem

Strange bug, huh? Another strange thing is that I need to use too much low gearbox inertia to make the car lose a little grip on first gear, I'm using 7. In the VR6 from Combat, with 10HP less in the PE, I use 30. Unfortunately I think your mod is not 'fitting' very well. damn installer and base =/


PS: in the readme you say to use the DB4 RHD camera, since your car is LHD, I think this is a little ops in the readme, just reporting hehe


edit: 8k redline in pe = 7k in the virtual gauges and 9 in the interior (that doesnt matter)


edit 2: I already thank Minime, but Jorge, amazing work in the sound! Finally a good vtec sound, in my SI 97 i'm using the urban sr20 sound hahaha (and its fits really good lol)

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I had the same problem (in LS460). I did like that:

step1- 6.5k rpm in tdupe

step2- 7.5k rpm in tdupe


and it's works :P


Anyway, great car Minime, great sound Jorge ;) I'm waiting for more H ;p But speedometer works very bad :P

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Oh, that's great Minime. I'm waiting for this hahaha


PS: the problem is that the rev limit of the car is defined by the rpm on PE - 500


like this:

Redline on PE 7500

RPM on PE 8000

Real rev limit: 7500


Redline on 7500

RPM on PE 7500

Real rev limit: 7000

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Great job.

The car looks sick! :D

One little problem.

The position its not really good.

What Camera and IK we should use for a better interior view?

Or what car we should replace instead the M12 GTO to have a better interior view?

The car looks perfect so i want a very good interior view because i always drive from the interior. :)

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