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StarGT: Bugatti EB 110 SS 92'

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Hello :) Nice effort, good car, good job keeping the modding alive


But allow me some criticism:

I think you should check your headlights and your rear lights. Your headlights are just too bright and shiny, they are like white, and about the rear lights, is that the 3D LOD0 model? looks like it but you didnt achieve it at its best quality, it looks like it has a wireframe grid, i really think you should check the light quality, its nothing impressive.

The interior looks very good, but is it me or the air conditioner or whatever it is display screen is mapped as a reflection? That doesnt look very good but may just be the pics ;)

I did not try it, i dont even have TDU 2 installed so this is just based on the pics

Nonetheless, great job :)

Hope you dont take it wrong .

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in garage headlights always too bright

displayscreen - its just reflection in picture

wireframe grid - forza 3 lod0 model has texture grid on trunk


P.S.discuss carmod when u try it in game. Pics can't transfer nice quality ( when i make screens)

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