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Reventon09: 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera

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I replaced it to my R8 V10, but the rims never come ? I dont know what to with it :D


I renamed the files, but its only the car... OT; Great mod


you might have to replace the rims with the r8_spyder_f01 or f02

. i think the spyder rims cross over with the V10 R8

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just a tip


Just rename those ".bnk" files:


folder / original named file to new named file


high \ r8_spyder.bnk to r8_v10.bnk

interiors \ r8_spyder_i.bnk to r8_v10_i.bnk

med \ r8_spyder_med.bnk to r8_v10_med.bnk

rim\audi \ r8_spyder_f_01.bnk to r8_v10_f_01.bnk


That's it.

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Like mentioned above, try to use the rim-files for the R8 spyder. And experiment with wth the rim-files of the Audi Q7. The hole bunch of audi-rims is totally messed up. There are several Audis which use some of their own rimfiles + rim-files from the Audi Q7. (btw: Total Fail by Eden Games in this case.)


I checked my mod-collection (the ones which replace the Audi R8 Coupe). Seems that the R8-Coupe uses all rim-files from the R8 Spyder.

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