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After numerous requests, I'm gonna try once again.

TDUCk Community Playtime

Stuff we do:


-Tag (virus/keep the it)


-Occasional Cat&Mouse


-Drifting (which isn't really drifting because Clarence hosts)

->Basically what the people want


This week's theme (for the cruise) is Porsches! (RUFs for those of you who don't own the pack!)



1: superhyper

2: TimBud
















NOTICE: It's on Saturday as the TDU1 appreciation day SHOULD BE on Sunday. Time as usual is 3PM GMT (I'm willing to wait until 4PM for people to show up though so if you can make it at 4PM, that's allright too.)


If the date doesn't work out for people, we can try again on the Sunday 17.6. (I got somewhere to be on the 10th)

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Guest MrLolololXD

I'd do it, but it's at a bad time ._.


11am-12pm GMT would be okay for me though I guess, but not on a Sunday

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I've just realised this Sunday is quite perfect for me. Work will get in the way a bit.

I can still play just not for long and don't want to drop out early.

Could we postpone a week please? Sunday 10th I'm on leave so have zero commitments apart form dog walking.


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