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MSM: 2011 BMW 1M v1.0


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Oh good sir, wont +rep, i refuse, mainly because tdu central refuses to let me +rep you more ^^ :lol:

Modek Shark Minime..the most epic modding trio!! You guys will be unstoppable, this mod looks so :drool: epic everywhere

great job guys, keep surprising!

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Hey Minime891,


I love that Mod this BMW looks so great and the Sound Its Great Man.

But i have a Problem with this . When i drive in cockpit the frontwindow is very dark, on night i see not very good

what is that...? is it me or my game i dont know. I hope you can help me.


Greets Nordy


[mod edit:] Please do not swear or use asterisk's to mimic swearing, thanks.

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I can't believe you mates still modding this piece of *** ... you rock period.


And yes TDU2 sucks, can't wait to enhance et enjoy TDU's graphics more with my upcoming rig + G25.


TDU does survive, thanks to modders.

If I had time, I would be tempted to code even more for it :)



Edit : it's not for TDU1 sadly :ill:

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