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Trouble with running TDU on 64 bit windows 7

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as I said, it sounds as though your resolution is set wrong for the monitor.


Despite it being a new one, it could be in a different aspect ratio - so your monitor can't read it.


It's a very common thing in my work where customers bring their computers in and our cheap-ass monitors can't read the signal from the PC. We have to reboot in VGA mode (640x480 :( ) to change the resolution to something better.


If you can, plug your old monitor back in, change the resolution to 800x600, turn the PC off, plug the new monitor in and all shall be well.

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Sorry for comming late to this party; but I (still) have this problem, being it on WINDOWS 10.
Just went through a driver removal an install with DDU but still I get the "input not supported" box.
I'm booting via the Universal Launcher. The game does run in the background (I can hear the sound) but that's it.

Any tips or tricks?

*** EDIT ***
The problem was in the save game.
When I cleared the folder and booted, everything worked like a charm!

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There's no universal launcher for TDU, would this be project paradise launcher? there's an option to run game windowed. That would be worth the try.

If game is TDU2, alt+enter keyboard shortcut switches to windowed mode.

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