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Message to new focus owners!!


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DO NOT TOUCH YOUR WINDSCREEN WIPERS! At all, dont even look at them. If you lift them up even a little bit the motors will desync because it is a dual motor system. If you do move them do not turn them on and drive to your dealer and have them synced back up again. If you do have to touch them key the ignition key off this will put the motors into lock mode and will stay like that for only 5 mins (so long enough to change your wipers) after the five minutes the motors will unlock. Trust me it sucks to have to re-sync them and be the dumbass that did it.

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You haven't washed it yet? How long have you had it?! :eek:


6 months. :lol:


It's been through them drive through washer things a couple of times but they're crap. I'd rather do it by hand and wax it properly.


And I can see why them being out of sync is bad as they're more like bus wipers. One at each end of the windscreen pointing at each other.

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I can't wait to see this in Vermont winters. :eek: There are a couple around here, and there are a few people who leave their wipers aimed straight up before a snowstorm. And on top of that, just about everyone lifts them up to clear out ice and then puts them back down again (before starting the car, so that's your five-minute window gone).


Good to know, though - thanks.



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Have you seen how busy the interior of the new ST is?





Less buttons in the middle on this version is better, although I prefer the silver trim pieces from above:





It sort of looks nice but a bit too much at the same time.


At least those awful XR5 plastics are gone. Oh all right then, give me one with paddle shifters and I'll have a go :p

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