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Meanwhile, On the Official Forums


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when reading this, lets me think some people really deserve such a bad game ...


douchebags (and this is not the first time in tdu2.com) ... those forums are a pity, maybe Diablo should spend his time into valuable things. Just a suggestion.


time is precious :excited:

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Guest MrLolololXD

Niar lives in Australia correct?


Maybe I should pay him a visit and punch him in the face before I take my trip to England to punch chav's in the face. :mhmm:

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Niar is clearly in denial with himself as notice how many of his posts involve talking about homosexual matters so he uses these sort of "look at me" posts to get the attention he doesn't get elsewhere which is a shame as if you notice how much he clearly wants you to believe he has a "girl".


Ignore him and the world is a better place and maybe just maybe he will truly start to accept himself for what he is and not be so angry or attention seeking once he has found his Mr Right.


Also isn't his font and colour usage just darling!!!

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I hate how he (anyone for that matter) talks in 3rd person. It really annoys MrLolololXD and he hates it.


IMHO, the first person plural is much better:


Therefore, we cannot agree with you, but we hope that our example will spread widely because it is very important to us.



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