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How to unpack TDU2 & How to install TDU2 mods. Ask for help in here! [PC ONLY]


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For all newcomers that are unable to find answers via searching, please ask your questions regarding the acquisition and installation of TDU2 PC mods in this thread after reading through this thread to make sure your query hasn't already been answered.


Link to Unpacker GUI: Xarlith : TDU2 Unpacker GUI [v1.1] - Japan Language Support | turboduck forum


Tutorial "How to unpack TDU2" by Nobby76


Before you do anything.. Consider this.. Do you actually need to run the game in extracted mode??

You only need to extract the game files if you intend on modifying the actual game itself. Weather that be doing rim swaps, adding new car mods (such as the lambo or bmw) or altering the files in the .BNK's ( messing with .bnk files is a whole other story, so dont worry about that right now) . If you have no intention of doing any of that, then you do not need to extract the game archives. Also you do not need to extract the archives if you are just doing sticker imports with texmod.


Now thats out of the way.. onto the fun part :)



UPDATED on 25/08/2012 to work with the DLC2 build 16 patch.



The needed files and tools you find in the forum, and then follow the few basic instructions, to unpack the game. (maybe you add the needed links to every tool)


Things you will need...


- Most importantly you will need Knyazev's V2.2 extractor files.

- You will also need Knyazev's NEW Universal Launcher V3.1. +Note Universal launcher is NOT the same as Uplauncher.exe

- Approximately 30GB of hard drive space for the extracted files and the backup files.

- Some free time.. It can take anywhere between 10 mins to an hour, depending how fast your computer is.

- Crayons, paper, glue, scissors and an adult to help with the tricky cutting out.

- patience...


++This tutorial has now got SUPER EASY to follow, even a monkey could follow how to extract the game now.. In fact a monkey could train his pet goat how to unpack TDU, its that easy..++ If you have any issues make sure UAC is turned off and that you run the unpacker in admin mode.



OK now to get started.... You have 2 choices with this unpacker. Either unpack just the DLC2 updates or unpack everything..


- 1 Download the Unpacker and the launcher from the links above, to somewhere you can remember, like your desktop.


- 2 Extract the contents of the unpacker to your desktop, then copy all of the files to your Main TDU game folder, See fig #1


- 3 Now run either the "unpack_full.bat" to unpack the whole game, or run the "unpack_dlc2_v031.bat" to unpack just the DLC content.


- 4 Thats it, it should be unpacking now ( see fig 4 and 5) , give it some time ( it can take up to 30-45 minutes )


- 5 Once finished, Extract the universal launcher to your main game folder. Start the game using that instead of Uplauncher.



What happens when its running??? Firstly the unpacker will open a command prompt window (fig4) and start listing all the files it is extracting from the .big and .map files ( your main game archives) see (fig 2 and 3 ) As its extracting them, they will be placed in your main game folder, see (fig 5).

Once it has finished extracting, it will rename and then move all the files to their correct folder locations. When it has finished moving all the files ( that part only takes a short amount of time) you are ready to play the game. Use the universal launcher to run the game instead of Uplauncher to avoid the auto file check.




Have fun.. Nobby76


Big thanks to. All the guys who worked on all the internal filenames. And Knyazev for releasing a super easy unpacker AND a new version of universal launcher... You rock dude!


Now how to insert a mod:


After unpacking the game correctly you will find some more subfolders in the "Euro"-folder (e. g. avatar, database, frontend...and so on...). In these folders you will find files that in most cases can be modded. The most important folder "vehicules". Here you find all ingame-cars.




here are 4 folders that are important


- high (carbody)

- interiors ("inside-life" of the cars)

- med (make you see the same car (as yours modded one) on other player/s when drives it in game)

- rims (selfexplaining, rims sorted by brands)


additionally in some cases:

C:\...\TDU2\Euro\Bnk\sound\vehicles\gtr_high.bnk (carsound, but not every package has a separate mod for the carsound)


Example on a certain car (e. g. Nissan GT-R)


Files of the car:


- gtr.bnk (in the high-folder)

- gtr_i.bnk (in the interior-folder)

- gtr_med.bnk (in the med-folder)

- gtr_low.bnk (in the med-folder)

- gtr_f_01 (frontrims in the rim/nissan-folder)

- gtr_r_01 (rearrims in the rim/nissan-folder)


The files in the modpackage have the same names, cause it's needed for working. Only the content of the bnk-files is different (in other words modded). And the modded files have to be copied into the needed folders, that means they replace the originial files. Little advice from my side: make a savecopy of the hole "Euro"-folder, so if something gets messed up meanwhile modding, you still have all original files.


Important is, that only the car can be replaced, which files are in the modding-package. It is possible to switch (e. g.) a nissan gt-r with a bugatti. But the car looks like crap afterwards.


That's all folks ;)




All previous threads asking about this have been merged and are below... please read through it - someone may have already asked your question.

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Well you've found the TDU2 Mod Shop support subforum, so I presume you can find the Released Mods section

Then just go to a thread that has a car you want

Then click the Download link in the thread

Then extract the compressed archive

Then open the ReadMe file which has instructions on how to install.

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Where I put the mod?


Hi , I from Israel so I sorry about my English .

So , I have TDU 2

and I download from this website mods of cars .. and I dont know where put it .

There is RAR text and there is user guide... but I dont have the folders .

I delete the game and intall again but I dont have this folders : Vehicules , rim , med , interiors and high


Help me please !!!!!!!


Tnx !

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Never heard of unpacking a suitcase of clothes, or unpacking a zip/rar file on your computer ?? Many small things stored inside one large thing....

The game is mainly made up of several large files. But hidden inside those few large files are lots of little files. Thats the game data... To be able to mod anything in the game you need access to those game files.


There are many tutorials on how this is done. Google will show you most of them. But if it helps i wrote a tutorial on it myself, you can view it HERE It looks long and complicated but its not really. Just make sure you read through it once so you know what to expect before it actually happens..

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Hey while unpacking im missing the second part of the ".bin" file; it's not showing. it says, "access is denied", but it is still unpacking.


---------- Post added at 02:01 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:20 AM ----------


Hey while unpacking im missing the second part of the ".bin" file; it's not showing. it says, "access is denied", but it is still unpacking.

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[HELP]Installing addon cars ?


i want to install new cars to TDU 2. I have retail version , i extracted with tdu unpacker , there is a folder named " TDU2_Unpacked" but now what i am gonna do ? i launch game with Knzyev's launcher but what ? i dunno what to do. In TDU2_unpacked folder there is no car files here is the screen shot.


here is the picture of TDU2_unpacked folder



also i want to show you "unknown bin" folder.


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